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China hexagonal phones are styled 'for women'

The V shape makes it easier for smaller hands to hold the phone.

World's first handheld microwave oven

The Wavy Adventurer is small enough to fit inside backpacks.

90s favorite Pokémon goes all new age, ushers in augmented reality

Pikachu and friends have stepped out into the physical world, opening huge opportunities in one of the newest multibillion dollar industries.

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Next-Gen Insider

Palm-sized robot shows smarts come in tiny packages
Cozmo plays games with users and recognizes faces, packing in quite a bit of tech into a small form factor.
Greenpeace names toxin-free fashion brands
The list contains brands that have made great strides in ensuring that products pose no ecological risks.

Smart Sourcing

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Global Sources Summit returns with more sourcing tips, practices
Sourcing professionals will talk about QC, compliance, logistics and IP protection, and case studies from Amazon resellers.
How to save money by asking for a quote in a foreign currency
A good first step to getting your best possible pricing is to ask for prices in the home currency of your partner companies.

Product News

Auto Parts & Accessories See more

Keyless entry systems add all-around controls
The latest models lock and unlock doors, and control windows, trunks, side mirrors and lights.

Consumer ElectronicsSee more

Dual-OS detachable laptops turn flexible
Models that work with both Android and Windows are popular in this selection from China suppliers.

Drones & RoboticsSee more

Notebook-sized drone makes flying indoors safe
Zero Zero's camera drone follows people around inside the house and can fold up into the size of a small notebook.

Electronic Components See more

Aluminum electrolytic capacitors diversify
Suppliers sustain chip and solid aluminum electrolytic capacitors, and try new materials for more advanced kinds.

Fashion Accessories & FootwearSee more

Hiking boot makers prioritize protection, comfort
Leather uppers shield the feet from the elements while mesh fabric lining improves ventilation.

Fashion Apparel & FabricsSee more

Cotton models drive India baby girls' clothing
The material's softness and breathability make it the top material in the line still.

Gifts & Premiums See more

Creative designs, assembly drive 3D jigsaw puzzles
Models adopt DIY features, from building a robot from scratch to coloring a birdcage puzzle using crayons or paint.

Hardware See more

Latest bathroom faucets sleek, classy
Models look modern in stain-resistant alloy finishes or stylish with handmade designs.

Home Products See more

India table lamps show off shapely bodies
The products in this gallery represent the current trends in table lamps from India.

Machinery & PartsSee more

Machined parts underscore high accuracy, precision
Makers use carbon and stainless steel, copper, aluminum and their alloys, POM, PTFE, nylon and PEEK.

Mobile ElectronicsSee more

NFC phones secure payments with fingerprint sensors
China suppliers equip NFC phones with a fingerprint sensor for quick yet secure online purchases.

Security Products See more

Handheld metal detectors switch modes
The latest models can operate in low and high sensitivity with different alarm types.

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