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Vaping with style: 21 flashy electronic cigarettes

Posted: February 5, 2014

Now even smoking is high-tech, with the surge in popularity of electronic cigarettes.

In China where it all started, manufacturers are spurring demand further by launching fashionable and novelty versions that are a far cry from staid all-black cylindrical models.

Below are 21 stylish electronic cigarettes from verified China suppliers on

1Rainbow housing

Vaping will never be a bore with the colorful HW-5110C model e-hookah from WarWick. The housing comes in various hue combinations, while the crystal LED at the end imitates the glowing embers of a traditional cigarette.

Good for more than 600 puffs, the 124mm disposable product runs on a 280mAh battery. It also has a 0.9mL liquid capacity and a 3ohm atomizer. The unit complies with CE, FCC and RoHS requirements.

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2A touch of elegance

Shenzhen Pacific Ocean’s B-025 model is adorned with diamondlike studs in an assortment of colors.

To suit different vapor preferences, it can operate with a 14mm 650, 900 or 1,100mAh 3.7 to 4.2V Evod battery. The charging time is 2 to 3 hours. The white light on the power switch indicates that the product is turned on.

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3Patented wine bottle design

Shenzhen ZLY's Zoly Vino model features a patented housing in blue, red, green and black. It runs on an 800mAh 3.7 to 4.2V battery with a 450 to 600-puff life span.

Priced at $28.80 to $32.50, the 160x38.3mm e-cigarette has a working temperature of 120 to 250 C, and meets CE, FCC and RoHS standards.

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The E-Pipe-1-1 model from Besking is tailor-made for all the Popeyes out there. The e-cigarette is offered in starter kit that contains a cartridge, screwdriver, USB charger, adapter, user's manual and two atomizers bundled in an attractive gift box. It also includes a pair of 410mAh 3.3 to 4V batteries. For a minimum order of five sets, the price is $32 to $33.

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5V for versatile

For Shenzhen Sunpeak's iSmart Swing VV model, the double V stands for both very versatile and variable voltage. It features an adjustable voltage that ranges from 3.3 to 4.8V to suit different flavor and throat hit preferences. It also boasts a "puff counter" that tells how many puffs have been taken, and a low-voltage indicator. The position of the vaporizer can likewise be changed.

Listing at $18.80 to $20 per minimum order of 100 sets, the CE-, ROHS- and FCC-compliant model comes with two CE4+ clearomizers and a USB charger.

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6Atomizer suits Evo batteries

Efeast's Atomizer Evo-i model features an advanced heating element that produces vapor enough for 300 puffs. Measuring 50x15mm, the atomizer has a cartridge volume of 0.7mL and suits Evo batteries.

The product is packed individually in a 50x20x20mm carton. The MOQ is 100 units.

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7Intelligent e-cigarette

Shenzhen Cigstar has incorporated a variety of smart features in its iMotion 3V-1 model. These include variable voltage and wattage, ultra-low static current, adjustable positive pin at the center of the thread, memory function that stores previous settings, 3-digit LED display and overcurrent protection.

The unit utilizes a 1,500mAh 18650 battery and is quoted at $10 to $25.

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8Artful vaper

Shenzhen Joyconn's model is available in an array of playful motifs to add fun to vaping.

The product utilizes a 650, 900 or 1,100mAh battery with a charging time of 3 to 4 hours. On a full-charge, the e-cigarette lasts for 800 to 1,000 puffs. The unit goes for $5.30 to $6.90 for an MOQ of 50 sets.

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9For long-lasting vaping

The 1,000-puff life span of Shenzhen FirstUnion's YJ4907A-A92 e-cigar will give vapers a full hit. The RoHS, GMP and CE-certified model utilizes a 650mAh battery and comes with a 6-month warranty. It is available in custom designs, measures 135x15mm and weighs 27.4g.

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10Pink is in!

The pen-style EGQ-W-M-1-1 model from Shenzhen Kaiwei features an LED indicator and meets CE, RoHS, TÜV and FDA standards.

The unit is offered in a starter kit that includes two atomizers, two rechargeable 350mAh batteries, an e-liquid bottle, USB and wall chargers, and an English user's manual. These are packed in a gift box.

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11Telescope e-cigarette with V-core clearomizer

High vapor volume is Sub 2.0 Telescope Mod e-cigarette's forte. This model from Shenzhen Ksensor features a V-core clearomizer, and has a 57.7x26.5mm battery tube that suits 18350, 18500 and 18650 batteries. The 100mm-long product is leak-resistant and does not yield a burnt taste.

The patented design bears CE, FCC and RoHS certification. The price is $33.50 to $36.50 for an MOQ of 10 sets.

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12Dry herb electronic cigarette

Dongguan Stoneriver's AGO-1 model combines aromatherapy with vaping. With its dry herb atomizer, users will be to able vaporize different herbal blends.

The pen-style unit also comes with a ceramic chamber and filter, rubber mouthpiece and cleaning brush. The product utilizes a 650mAh battery, and is available in blue, black and red.

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13How cute!

The product name says it all. Baoelite’s Cute Battery Kit model has a housing with lovable colorful patterns.

The product can run on a 650, 900 or 1,100mAh 3.3 to 4.2V lithium battery, enough for 700, 1,000 and 1,300 puffs, respectively. The unit also has a 2mL cartridge, resists leakage, and meets CE and RoHS requirements.

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14Super atomizer

Shenzhen Shenghuihuang's SHH-EC-05 model features an atomizer that can last for more than 100,000 puffs. Included in the starter kit are five cartridges, each good for 140 to 160 puffs, and two 190mAh rechargeable lithium batteries.

The e-cigarette measures 112x9.2mm and can produce 280 to 320 puffs on a full-charge. The housing comes in various colors.

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15Incredible bulk

The BOBO model from Shenzhen Sigelei veers away from the slim design of conventional e-cigarettes. The unit’s curved structure serves to fit its variable voltage battery. The housing is made of stainless steel, chrome, aluminum or brass, and comes in different patterns and colors.

The product also features an OLED indicator that tells if the atomizer needs to be replaced. It boasts a 510 eGo thread as well.

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16It's in the flavor

The 0208002 model from Shenzhen Loop is available in an assortment of flavors, including Hilton, Cohiba, French pipe and cabin. The 5-unit set also comes in a variety of fruity tastes.

Priced at $2.50 to $3, the disposable e-cigarette yields thick vapor that lasts up to 500 puffs. The housing comes in different hues and has a lighting function. OEM orders are accepted.

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17Disposable e-cigarette lasts for 400 puffs

The KS300 disposable e-cigarette from Kangsmoke uses an automatic 280mAh battery for 400 puffs worth of vapor. The model measures 115mm in length, weighs 11.85g and contains 0.9mL of e-juice. The price is $1.50 to $1.99 for a minimum order of 100 units.

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18Built to last

This model from Shenzhen Y&Q is loooong, both in length and life span. Measuring 150mm, this disposable e-cigar can last up to 1,200 puffs. It has a diameter of 16mm and comes in packs of five. The product complies with CE and RoHS standards.

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19E-cigarette features low-voltage protection

Shenzhen Inbol's rechargeable EC502A-018 model comes with a low-voltage protection feature. On a full-charge, the 97x8.7mm 12g unit is enough for 300 puffs.

A set includes an atomizer, user's manual, wall charger, 180mAh battery and six cartridges. It is quoted at $2.50 to $3 for an MOQ of 50 sets. OEM and ODM orders are accepted.

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20Mimics the real thing

HK Fucheng's model DE50 looks and feels like a real cigarette. The disposable e-cigarette has a soft plastic housing that resembles a traditional cigarette.

Measuring 126x9.3mm, the product runs on a 280mAh battery that can last up to 500 puffs. The LED display indicates how much vapor is left.

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21Size does not matter

Measuring only 87x8mm, the K-606A disposable e-cigarette from Shenzhen ZYF produces thick vapor that lasts up to 200 puffs. It has a battery voltage of 3.3 to 4.2V, resists leakage and comes in black or white.

The price is $5.50 to $6 per 10 boxes, each containing four units.

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