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Do all products imported into the USA from China need to be marked "Made in China"?

Posted: 2012-05-22

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I am importing some loose-leaf ring binders made with Polypropylene (PP) material from China. After arrival in USA, they will be filled in USA with materials printed in USA. Do I need the PP binders to be marked "Made In China"? The binders are not sold retail, but are used by a health services company for their patients.


Based on my experience, the binders would need to be marked Made in China [not Made in PRC (People's Republic of China)].

Here is why:

Anything that is imported into the US has to be marked in the most permanent and legible manner possible. Even though the binders are just a component for an assembly project in the US, CBP (customs and border protection) is primarily concerned about their condition at the time of importation, so they have to meet the requirement.

Afraid I don't see that they would be covered under an exception. Additional information can be received from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Special Classification & Marking Branch, Office of Regulations and Rulings at 202.572.8810.

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