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How do I find good quality plastic injection molding companies?

Posted: 2012-02-27

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How do I source good quality plastic injection molding companies?


You will have no problem finding a list of potential suppliers of injected plastics in China if you visit a comprehensive resource like But it may be a bit more difficult to select the right one out of a large group of potential suppliers. To help with this dilemma, I would like to suggest you check out an article I wrote on this subject. Hope you find it useful.

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The single most important factor in determining the success or failure of your sourcing program will be finding the right supplier. It sounds obvious, but making apples to apples comparisons of vendors at a national level can be daunting. The following article is a behind the scenes look at a how PassageMaker assists its clients find vendors in China. This system outlined below is based on the company's 10 years of experience in China and 1000's of sourcing programs. Having outlined how to conduct a professional supplier identification program, the second half of the article will focus on the costs involved and options for conducting such a program.

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