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How do I go about importing a BMW from China?

Posted: 2012-05-22

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I am looking to import a luxury car (BMW - new or second hand) from China for personal use in the Philippines. Are you able to assist me?


I have purchased new and used vehicles over the years in China for business and personal use in China. But I have not heard of any projects exporting luxury vehicles from China. I am aware of a steady stream of high-end imported cars coming into China, but I fear there is not much of a market for these cars overseas because the price on the ground in China is much higher than back in the USA, for example, for the same car. This is due to China's tax system, which is high on BMW's and other high-end brands.

In summary, if you are hoping to import a car from China in order to save money, I fear it may not be feasible for the reasons above. But if you are hoping to import a car from China, regardless of the price point, because you can't find it in the Philippines... and if money is not a problem, China may be worth a look. But I suspect price and availability would both be better if the car was exported out of the USA.

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