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How to find the right supplier for my needs?

Posted: 2012-08-14

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I need to import commission ware to Europe (Romania). How can I find a supplier?


Fundamentally, there are two paths you can take to find a supplier.

Option one is DIY.

Option two is to outsource your sourcing. For example, the company I started 10 years ago, PassageMaker, PSSchina conducts research to help buyers narrow the large pool of potential suppliers down to the top 2 or 3 at a national level which fit your targets for price, quality and lead time. On the website above you will find their service details and fee structure.

But for those that wish to DIY, I would like to suggest you start by watching the following 10 short videos, which walk buyers thru the process.

Video1: Finding suppliers
Video2: Evaluating suppliers
Video3: Negotiations
Video4: Project management and quality control
Video5: Protecting your intellectual property
Video6: Learn how Global Sources can help you source with more confidence
Video7: How to find and manage partners for logistics services
Video8: Be careful of this scam if you think you are buying famous brands direct from China
Video9: Returning defective merchandise to China
Video10:Resolving a dispute: Demand letters and legal options with Chinese suppliers'

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