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How to source pre-fab housing from China?

Posted: 2014-04-21

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I found you while doing web research, and found your videos instructive. I am beginning to invest in real estate, and need the expertise of an experienced mediator like you in China.

This is what I need: I already own some vacant lots in Illinois and southwest Michigan, and need a special team to build homes pre-fabricated in China - for a fraction of the cost here in the US. What I have in mind is good quality housing that is affordable for low to medium income people.

I need to know reputable companies in China, specialized in small prefab or container homes, all with an American appearance from the outside. I need assistance during the whole process, so that it can be streamlined. Preferably I would like to have recommendations and look at housing from China that has been built in my area so my partner will feel confident about this. Plus I don’t have a lot of money to spend.


The plan you describe is possible, but not easy. I have worked on similar projects and the key to success is volume and ability to buy "off–the-shelf". If you need units which are customized, the order size needs to be big or it won't interest reliable sellers. Because of the housing codes in USA, the seller needs to have experience building for US market. All the sellers will say they meet code, but most don't. So picking the right supplier and monitoring them is essential.

In order for me to make some recommendations, please advise on the following:

1. Can you send me a link to the type of product you are looking for?
Just so I can get a feel for the type of pre-fab home you are searching for. We can go into detailed specs later.

2. # of units you plan to purchase per order and target price per unit

Thanks for your quick reply. I cannot do volume deals at the moment and you are right- it will be hard to organize for just one or two low cost custom units. I will place this project on hold for now until it becomes feasible for me. I appreciate your honest answer to my question.

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