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I want to import surplus products of known clothing brands (e.g. ZARA) made in China. How do I proceed?

Posted: 2010-12-23

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Dear Mr/Mrs

We are a retail company mainly selling mans, womans, childrens, clothing with 42 chainstores in Turkey and now we are looking for exporters and producer of these items from China so can you help us about that matter.

Interested in surplus products of known brands like Zara, HnM, A&C, Adolf, George

Waiting for your early reply.


Thanks for contacting us. Are you producing here already and thus wanting to make sure no one is selling your products? Or are you looking for new suppliers of these products

If your answer for the first question is yes you're worried about someone selling your products I'd like to introduce you to the services of a fantastic foreign owned due diligence service, called CBI consulting

If you're just looking for suppliers well then I hope I didn't terrify you with the above answer. 3 options for finding verified suppliers - first is a great start to finding verified suppliers. 2 others would be: PassageMaker Sourcing solutions and also Silk Road International Both of these options also do supplier verification but can do more of the supply chain management part of your sourcing project for you in China.

These companies are all endorsed by the China Sourcing Information Center for their outstanding business practices in China, and can help you get started. Good Luck!

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