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Where can I find a list of wholesale distributors in the USA?

Posted: 2012-02-27

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I have a product I make in China. I am looking for a Merchant Wholesale Distributor In the USA. Where would I find a list of them?


I have used MANA ( in the past to find reps and agents to handle my distribution in the USA. Another technique that worked for me was to go to walk around the major big box retailers of my neighborhood. I would focus on the shelves that had complementary not competitive products to what I wanted to have distributed and I would write down the information of the distributors or agent found on the packaging. Then I contacted them to introduce my products in hopes they would partner with me to add my items to their sales offering to the big retailers.

BTW, please register your IP (design and logo) before you start production in China and before you look around for distributors. I'd be happy to introduce an IP lawyer if you need help in this area; luckily it is not expensive to register in China. I have witnessed so many people have their ideas get taken and somebody else get rich because they forgot to protect their IP. Hope this doesn't happen to you.

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