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Why do China products sold to the USA seem to be of better quality than those sold to Nigeria?

Posted: 2012-06-05

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Why does it seem that some electronics that are manufactured in China, but sold to USA (United States of America) and UK (United Kingdom), are more standardized and original than the ones being brought in to Nigeria direct from China?


There are two reasons.

Most USA (United States of America) & UK (United Kingdom) buyers are puchasing electronics under their own brand. As brand holders, they have a reputation to maintain and thus take interest in ensuring the supply chain has good quality. They work hard to find and manage the right suppliers for OEM work.

Nigerian buyers on the other hand, in general, tend to focus on price rather than quality and are willing to buy under the brand of the factory. If the buyer is not carefully managing the supply chain, there is a high likelyhood of defects entering the market place. Because the importer in Nigeria doesn't have his own brand, he is not too worried about having some defects in the market place because it will not be linked directly to him.

The other reason for the difference in quality is the level of attention given to imports by the custom's bureau in the given country. I have limited experience exporting to Nigeria, but I know in the USA and UK that the customs bureau is strict about safety compliance. And in the USA or UK, if a defective product hurt somebody, due to the litigious nature of those countries, the importer would certainly face a lawsuit. So there is incentive to do things right and not skimp on quality.

There are professional buyers in Nigeria and there are unprofessional buyers in USA. So it is more about a sourcing attitude, rather than nationality that will determine if you get good quality or not.

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