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We know how important it is to find the right supplier for your business, especially when sourcing from overseas. We have compiled this library of sourcing advice (articles and videos), FAQs, surveys, monthly newsletter updates, monthly top products, and more to provide you with information to assist your preparations and decision-making when sourcing from China and Asia. The information is collected from our in-house experts, as well as third party experts from large buying companies and import/export consultancy companies. Each of the targeted sections below will lead to individual pages for your further reading. We recommend you start with "What Every Buyer Should Know" and continue from there. Or if you have a specific question in mind, click on the "Ask The Experts" section to see if your question has already been asked/answered, and if not, go ahead and send your question direct to our experts. For general help to navigate and use our site, click on the Help/FAQ and User Guide sections.

"How to" information

What Every Buyer Needs to Know

  • Frequently Asked Questions - What most buyers have issues with.
  • Video - Sourcing expert shares his sourcing advice.
  • Buyer's Guide - Proven best practices.
  • Articles - Insights from experts in the field.
  • Interviews - First-hand advice from buyers.
  • Surveys - Current facts, future trends.

Ask the Experts

  • Where our leading panel of experts provide practical answers to your toughest questions about sourcing from China.

Smart China Sourcing

  • Where leading experts provide in-depth, how-to-source-from-China articles.

Importers Guide to Global Sources Services

Videos New

  • Hot Products
  • About Global Sources
  • General Buyer Information
  • Buyer Testimonials
  • China Sourcing Fairs
  • China Sourcing Fairs Exhibitors
  • Supplier Interviews
  • The Kearney Alliance - Aid Through Trade

Market Intel

Sourcing News & Advice

  • Industry News - Read the latest China sourcing news and analyses.
  • Import from China Advice - Get practical tips from leading experts.
  • New Products - Discover unique new products from quality suppliers.
  • Product News - Stay up-to-date with the top trends shaping the products you source.

Monthly Sourcing Highlights

  • Highlights on the latest industry news articles, surveys/interviews/videos and Ask the Expert Q&As on our website.
  • Updates on the upcoming Global Sources' China Sourcing Fairs and Online Sourcing Fairs.

Top 20 Products

  • Take a look at this month's most popular product categories in your industry — based on the volume of searches and inquiries from our Global Sources website.


Help & FAQ

  • If you have a problem or a question, please check out our Help & FAQ section for immediate answers to common queries.

User Guide

  • A comprehensive guide to help you navigate through our website with ease.

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