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Each of our suppliers has been visited on-site at least 3 times to confirm their information
Rankings from one to six stars give you a quick way to compare suppliers
Detailed credit reports cover up to 12 key reporting areas
Supplier Capability Assessments and product inspections upon your request
Community Support
Global Sources works in close partnership with the Export Service Centre to help create jobs in developing Asia via 'Aid through Trade.'
Global Sources and Crossroads
International created the Care & Share charity program in 2006. After each China Sourcing Fair, exhibitors donate truckloads of trade show
display samples to people in need.

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Latest News and Research
Tabletop accessories: Models going environment-friendly
 The latest releases adopt cork, wood and bamboo. Some makers are also using nontoxic vegetable-based dyes and glue.
Entry-level USB VoIP phones dominate mature industry
 VoIP becomes more accepted but the production of USB phones is declining. Competition has suppliers focusing on the low-end.
Cosmetic sets: 'Green' makeup kits lead latest releases
 New models incorporate eco-friendly ingredients that have multiple enhancing properties.
iPod accessories lineup supplements user experience
 Enhancements such as docking stations, portable speakers, chargers and adapters form the bulk of products on offer.
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