Monthly Sourcing Highlights - October 2014

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Read these latest industry updates and developments from China & Asia:
• Gartner: Global wearable bands poised for takeoff
Quadcore 3G/4G tablet PCs gaining traction
Imagination Technologies unveils 'smallest chip' for IoT, wearables
Imminent release of Android L may speed up 64-bit AP adoption
Strike gold: China suppliers prep sports-themed merchandise for Rio 2016
Global Sources top 20 home products: Outdoor rattan furniture sets are in
Top 20 garments & fashion accessories: Daypacks hike up
Top 20 electronics: Cables get boost from new iPhones

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Featured Sourcing News

China's IC industry: Opportunity for all

China's semiconductor industry has been reaping huge gains since 2005 when it started dominating the worldwide market, and the whole ecosystem is going to benefit from it. Comparison of China's integrated circuit consumption and production, 1999-2015

This year, I joined Limin He from Cadence Design Systems and Professor Shaojun Wei from China's Qinghua University for a DAC Pavilion Panel moderated by Junko Yoshida from EE Times and organized by Cadence's Tom Wong. The topic was China's semiconductor industry and whether its tremendous growth is a threat or an opportunity… Continue reading

Ask the Experts

Get practical answers to critical questions on how to source effectively from China:
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Question: My order is late. Who is to blame?

Answer: If you are shipping out of China and the B/L is being provided as proof that the goods are about to ship out, then 6 weeks does sound like a very long time to wait, even if the 6 weeks includes clearing inbound customs in Australia.

In the effort to fight corruption and enforce safety/quality standards, in 2013/2014 I have noticed that shipments with values over 100K USD are being inspected by the port authority in much more detail than in the past… Continue reading

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Featured Sourcing Tips

Beware of China factories' pre-Christmas rush

A few years ago we published the article "Chinese New Year: how to manage the disruption?" since many quality problems show up in December and January. Basically, manufacturers rush to get the products on a boat before they close, and they don’t pay much attention to any type of detail.

As several clients reminded us recently, the pre-Christmas rush can be just as dangerous. Products typically need to be in stores by November, which means they need to be produced in a period spanning from June to September… Continue reading

Featured Sourcing Advice

Can my China supplier's liability insurance cover me if there is a recall in the USA?

Unfortunately, it is very rare for a Chinese supplier to have coverage for liability in the USA. I see from your website that you have various products aimed at children which are under your brand and your design. It's hard for a Chinese company to get overseas coverage in the first place, let alone for a product they manufacture but didn’t design or brand. Even if the factory finds a way to get liability insurance, if a child in the US gets hurt on your product or there is a recall situation... Continue reading

Provided by Mike Bellamy at China Sourcing Information Center

Featured Sourcing Guide

Don't be suckered in by the lowest price offer!

If you get unbelievably good pricing (relative to all other suppliers & material costs), it’s normally a big red flag. There are many reasons for "too good to be true" low pricing.

- The supplier doesn’t understand your request. So they have no idea how to quote properly.

- The supplier is lazy or sloppy, or has made a genuine mistake. This happens all the time and is frustrating.

- They’re trying to lure you in with a very low price, with a plan to hike the price later… Continue reading

By Adam Gilbourne at Easy Imex

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