Monthly Sourcing Highlights - November 2014

Sourcing News

Read these latest industry updates and developments from China & Asia:
• Top 20 electronics: Power banks steady at #1
Top 20 garments & fashion accessories: Strong rebound for genuine leather handbags
Global Sources top 20 home products: Impressive numbers pour in for plastic tumblers
MediaTek aims for fast entry into China's LTE market
Apple to allow third-party accessory makers to use Lightning
TSMC's FinFET shows 'company ahead of schedule'
UMC takes bigger slice of 28nm business

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Find products and meet quality suppliers at these trade shows:

China Sourcing Fairs

Featured Sourcing News

7 reasons why it is hard to start small when buying from China [Infographic]

If you are planning to buy products in small quantities from China, be prepared to face tough challenges. China sourcing expert Adam Guilbourne lists seven reasons why it is disadvantageous for buyers to start small when importing from China… Continue reading

Ask the Experts

Get practical answers to critical questions on how to source effectively from China:
Ask the Experts guide

Question: We are concerned about sending full payment before receiving our products. How can we protect ourselves?

Answer: Put simply, if buyers take the following three actions, they will avoid 90% of the common problems.

1) At the supplier selection phase:

Make sure the supplier is legit. "Legit" means that it is a real business (not a scam) and the seller has the capabilities to produce the given item you want at the quality and lead time you expect… Continue reading

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Featured Sourcing Tips

Timing considerations in China manufacturing

Is my order going to get to me on time? Will my buyer have the product in-hand when I told them they would? Does my supplier in China even understand the importance of this?

Here are some things for you to ponder whenever you are mapping out the timing aspects of your offshore order.

Make sure you and the supplier on the same page:

Lead time, delivery time, production time…what are you talking about with your supplier? Does your supplier know what you are talking about? Your supplier may be talking about the amount of time it takes to manufacture and then have the goods sitting on the docks ready to pickup… Continue reading

Featured Sourcing Advice

Preventing China counterfeiting: The basics

Preventing China counterfeiting: The basics

When Christmas is approaching, China counterfeiting goes into overdrive, and this year has been no different. The real trick to reduce counterfeiting is to do the things earlier in the year that can help to prevent it. The more you do before you face an infringement problem, the less likely you are to have an Preventing China conterfeiting: The basics infringement problem and the more that can be done to stop the infringement problem once it starts.

At minimum, we recommend the following… Continue reading

Featured Sourcing Guide

Help creating a Purchase Order (PO) template

The importance of having a good Purchase Order (PO) in place when sourcing from China can’t be stressed enough. The document sets the foundation for your relationship with your supplier. A buyer without a good PO/Contract gives too much leverage to the seller and allows the seller to manipulate the relationship to his advantage.

As part of PassageMaker’s Import/Export Management service, our account managers take our in-house PO/Contract templates then work with the local lawyers and project managers… Continue reading

Provided by Mike Bellamy at PassageMaker

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