Monthly Sourcing Highlights - July 2014

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Read these latest industry updates and developments from China & Asia:

• Jimmy Lin shows off 'íPhone 6'

• A mix of music and fashion: 10 beanie headphones from China

• Top 20 Electronics: Power banks secure #1 spot

• Top 20 Garments & Fashion Accessories: Women’s sunglasses gain traction

• Top 20 Home Products: Paintings draw bigger audience

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Data Findings

China's May exports pick up, imports fall

After gaining 0.9 percent in April, China's exports strengthened further in May, climbing 7 percent YoY to keep up with market growth projections of about 6.7 percent.

Imports, however, dropped 1.6 percent, according to data from the General Administration of Customs. Trade surplus, consequently, expanded to $35.9 billion in May from $18.5 billion in April.

The International Business Times attributed the exports upswing to "China's support measures and improvement in the world economy…Continue reading

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Ask the Experts

Get practical answers to critical questions on how to source effectively from China:
Ask the Experts guide

Question: How do I set up contracts with factories and service providers?

Answer:Let's look at contractual issues with service providers for Logistics (3PL) and Inspections Agency (AKA "QC").

It's a big red flag if your logistics provider and 3rd Party QC firm don't have a written contract for your review. A professional firm will certainly have a contract. If not, run away fast! I would suggest you take the service provider's contract and have a Chinese lawyer in China review it… Continue reading

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Featured Sourcing Guide

9 costly mistakes commonly made by small buyers

Thanks to the internet it is fairly easy for a small buyer to place an order direct to an Asian supplier. Starting an online store or small business has never been easier. But the sad fact is that most of these startups don’t survive the first year. Here are 9 mistakes which can kill your import business:

1) Failure to clarify product specifications

If you aren’t extremely clear to the Asian supplier about your required specifications, there is a good chance you will receive exactly what you didn’t want… Continue reading

Provided by Mike Bellamy at "China Sourcing Information Center"

Featured Sourcing News

China and ASEAN's economic integration: developments & opportunities

ASEAN, a ten-country bloc including some of Asia's largest manufacturing hubs such as Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam, will enter into "AEC Compliance" by the end of next year. What this effectively means is that import-export duties will be dropped right across the ASEAN community.

This has specific relevance to both China and India, as both have Free Trade Agreements in place with ASEAN. China will face increasing competition from all of the aforementioned big five ASEAN manufacturing nations, but specifically from Vietnam… Continue reading

By China Briefing

Featured Sourcing Tips

Red flags that buyers wave in China sourcing

Suppliers are not the only ones to wave red flags. In China sourcing and manufacturing endeavors, buyers also wave big red, ominous banners that scream "Alert!" "Danger!" "Time and money loss lurking around the corner!"

What do these big red banners look like and how do suppliers react?

1) We Cannot Accept Any Mistakes

Mistakes go with China like wet goes with water. The concept of "doing things right the first time" hasn't taken off there. For whatever reason (and the reasons are manifold) "precision" is a rare find… Continue reading

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