Monthly Sourcing Highlights - April 2014

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Read these latest industry updates and developments from China & Asia:

• Increasing labor productivity will be key to China success

• 5 hot bag trends for Fall/Winter 2014-15

• Top 20 Garments & Fashion Accessories: Shades looking cool

• Top 20 Electronics: More power to laptop batteries

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Featured Sourcing Tips

7 tips to prevent the 'different bank account' scam [Infographic]

Make sure the payments that you wire for your orders go to the correct bank account. China QA expert Renaud Anjoran lists seven tips that will help you avoid falling prey to the "different bank account" scam… Continue reading

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Ask the Experts

Get practical answers to critical questions on how to source effectively from China:
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Question: Why is my domestic supplier charging China VAT?

Answer:Please check with your local tax advisor about taxes on imports, but here is some feedback on the China side VAT per your situation outlined above.

First off, if possible, (for small- and medium-sized orders) try to avoid purchasing “ExWorks China” because this puts the burden of outbound customs, tax documentation and China side trucking on the buyer. Unless you have an agent in China or your own offices on the ground in China, purchasing EXW can be very complex…Continue reading

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Featured Sourcing Guide

How to find and hire a sourcing agency. How not to get ripped off.

Finding the right agency will depend on your order size, desired level of support/expertise and product categories. But here are the general options.

Option one: Engage a Large Sourcing Agency which focuses on medium-large clients and charge a flat rate and/or small performance based commission for sourcing services.

Option two: Hire a Small Sourcing Agency which focuses on small- to medium-sized clients and charges a slightly higher % of PO value (because the order sizes are smaller)…Continue reading

Provided by Mike Bellamy at "China Sourcing Information Center"

Featured Sourcing Advice

10 warning signs your China deal is too complicated

Negotiating with Chinese counter-parties is getting easier all the time, but there are plenty of situations to look out for. Many westerners who enter into a negotiation with a Chinese counter-party are so sensitive to cultural and interpersonal issues that they lose sight of business issues. Big mistake.

Deals in China can go off the rails easily and early. The key to success in China is to walk away from bad deals and find good ones. I know – that sounds simple. The fact is that many newcomers to China business have trouble spotting the red flags and danger zones that indicate a deal is about to fall apart…Continue reading

Featured Sourcing Information

Cheated by China. Check your insurance

Though we have written about this scam a few times previously, I have to write about it again because it just keeps happening, in even greater numbers and in even more diverse circumstances. And this is the one fraud to which I have time and time again seen extremely savvy and sophisticated companies fall prey.

And not only that, I learned a whole lot new about it at my lunch today with a local insurance coverage lawyer.

But first, more on the scam itself. I call it “the new bank account scam” and we described it as follows in a previous post…Continue reading

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