Monthly Sourcing Highlights - September 2014

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Read these latest industry updates and developments from China & Asia:

• 13 Spring/Summer 2015 fashion must-haves

• Top 20 electronics: Mobile phones crowd the list

• Top 20 garments & fashion accessories: PU leather belts grow more popular

• Top 20 home products: Kitchen blenders mix it up

• MediaTek's 64-bit 8-core chips: A looming threat to Qualcomm's chipset dominance?

• New wearables from LG, Wahoo help keep kids safe

• New tech wirelessly charges phones via ultrasound

• Chinese smartphone vendors eating away at Samsung’s market share

• IC makers prepare batteries for wearable electronics

• IDC: India's smartphone market to double by 2018

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Featured Interview

China suppliers opening up to customer-led innovation, own-brand manufacturing, says expansion strategist

In an interview with Global Sources, Ben Simpfendorfer, founder and managing director of Hong Kong-based market expansion consultancy Silk Road Associates, discusses the changing nature of China volume production, including the shift to own-brand manufacturing. He also talks about how the rising cost of domestic Ben Simpfendorfer labor continues to be a major challenge for China suppliers and how this difficulty is not easily solved by pursuing less-expensive labor… Continue reading

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Ask the Experts

Get practical answers to critical questions on how to source effectively from China:
Ask the Experts guide

How much does it cost to hire a sourcing agent?

Answer:There is no standard across the industry. Different agents work in different ways in servicing clients. In my experience when a company does the supplier identification and management for free, they are really building in a margin somewhere else which is much higher than the upfront fees you pay for an agent that does things in a transparent fashion… Continue reading

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Featured Sourcing Guide

8 essential items: How to set up an exclusivity agreement with a supplier in China

A client recently asked "we have started working with a Chinese supplier and we want to get them to sign an exclusive agreement with us. How could we make this happen?"

One: Frame the discussion in a way that gets the supplier excited about cooperation. But don’t make promises you can’t keep. Be honest about potential growth and leverage your orders to get the supplier’s attention. For example, if you have big volume, explain that you are a major player in the industry and if they play nice, they will get a lot of business… Continue reading

Provided by Mike Bellamy at PassageMaker

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Featured Sourcing News

Neither down nor out: The diverging competitiveness of manufacturing in China

When China's manufacturing growth slowed down to less than aggregate economic growth in 2013, concerns were raised that the world's manufacturing powerhouse was losing its competitiveness. It was assumed that other low-cost emerging economies in the region such as Vietnam and Indonesia would lure away investors with existing operations in China, where rapidly rising labor costs were becoming a pressing concern, especially for labor-intensive manufacturing such as in textiles, leather and jewelry. In contrast to this, however,... Continue reading

By China Briefing

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