Monthly Sourcing Highlights - December 2014

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Read these latest industry updates and developments from China & Asia:
• Bling it on: 29 China-made jewelry USB flash drives
Global Sources top 20 home products: Dining chairs sit next to the top
Top 20 garments & fashion accessories: Promising comeback for sports caps
Top 20 electronics: 'Magic' touch
Sony to focus on smartphone profitability, not market share
Google's Android One running into trouble
MEMS microphones taking over

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Featured Market Research

China will lead smartphone boom in emerging markets by 2015

A GfK reports says that sales of high-end smartphones will shift to emerging regions as their consumer base broadens.

Within as little as three years, 69 percent of the planet’s population will own a smartphone. That’s 5.2 billion people with a smartphone by 2017, from Abuja to London, Mumbai to Zagreb. As the market continues to expand, it gets closer to saturation point. What impact will this have on the average sales price of these increasingly ubiquitous devices?… Continue reading

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Get practical answers to critical questions on how to source effectively from China:
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Question: How to buy a piece of production equipment in China?

Answer: I have two suggestions:

1. Regardless of whether you are buying 1 unit or a 100, you should still do your research and due diligence to make sure the seller is legit and can provide the product you want. Small volume buyers are more likely to fall victims to scams. If they cheat you out of 1000 USD, you are unlikely to spend another 2000 USD on a lawyer. Scam artists know that… Continue reading

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Featured Sourcing Guide

Don't make these common mistakes when sourcing from China

China presents an excellent opportunity when it comes to sourcing products. The sheer scale of manufacturing and the huge variety of products and suppliers means there is no shortage of options when it comes to finding the right products for your business.

However, with every opportunity there is always an element of risk and China is no exception. Much of the risk can be managed and here we will outline some of the most common mistakes that people make when sourcing products, so that you can avoid making them… Continue reading

Featured Sourcing Advice

Exclusive video: How to register, protect, monitor & enforce IP rights in China

Provided by Mike Bellamy

Featured Sourcing News

An introduction to sourcing from India, Part 2: Exporting from India

In this second excerpt from an article in the latest India Briefing magazine, we take a close look at India’s export industry and discuss why the country is becoming an increasingly popular and efficient destination for companies to source from.

Since 2006, the volume of India’s exports has more than tripled. This is largely due to the liberalization of numerous Indian trade laws and policies – a process that is still on-going under the new Modi administration… Continue reading

By India Briefing

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