What's RSS?
RSS (Really Simple Syndication) allows you to read updates from many websites at once — without visiting these sites individually.

When a listed website adds new content you're interested in, a short alert is fed directly to your desktop or online RSS reader. You can then choose to read more details by following the link to the website. It's fast, private and hassle-free.

What does Global Sources RSS give me?
We offer free, timesaving RSS feeds about new products. Updated several times each week, these feeds include headlines, summaries, and links back to new product pages.

How do I get started?
Install a RSS reader so you can read and manage feeds from all the websites you want to monitor.

Download your preferred reader here:

You can also use a web-based reader such as My Yahoo!, Google or MY MSN

How do I subscribe to a feed?
1.  After downloading your RSS reader, browse the product categories at Global Sources Online.
2.  Find the orange RSS icon in the right column or at the bottom of the product category page.
3.  Click on the RSS link to go the RSS feed page or click on one of the RSS reader icons to subscribe directly.
4.  Copy and paste the page link on your RSS reader. All readers have "Add Content" or "Add subscription" section for input of such links.
5.  Click on "Add" on your reader.

That's it! Now you'll get feeds on all new products listed.

 Browse all product categories you can subscribe via RSS.