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Take a look at this month's most popular categories & products in Home Appliances - based on the volume of searches and inquiries from our Global Sources website.

With hundreds of thousands of suppliers and millions of Home Appliances Products on Global Sources Online, we're in a unique position to provide you with valuable information about which types of Home Appliances Products people around the world are searching, and inquiring for each month.

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This report is based on data from Mar 2017

Current Rank Previous Rank Top Products Most Buyer Inquired On
1NEWWater filters
23Desk fans
3NEWSplit air conditioners
42Air purifiers
58UV sterilizers
6NEWRobotic vacuum cleaners
7-Countertop blenders
84Stainless steel electric kettles
912Bug zappers
1114Stand fans
125Night lights
139Ceiling fans
1413Rechargeable fans
15NEWAir coolers
16NEWElectric rice cookers
1719Electric food processors
1811Gas stoves
19NEWHome sewing machines
Current Rank Previous Rank Top Products based on keyword searches
1NEWwashing machine
3NEWair cooler
6NEWrice cooker
82vacuum cleaner
914electric kettle
101stand mixer
11NEWwater dispenser
128water filter
1319induction cooker
14NEWwater purifier
16NEWsous vide
17NEWstand fan
1820stainless steel
19NEWuv sterilizer
20NEWnight light

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