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LED & Solar Products
For March 2017

LED & Solar Products

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Take a look at this month's most popular categories & products in LED & Solar Products - based on the volume of searches and inquiries from our Global Sources website.

With hundreds of thousands of suppliers and millions of LED & Solar Products on Global Sources Online, we're in a unique position to provide you with valuable information about which types of LED & Solar Products people around the world are searching, and inquiring for each month.

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This report is based on data from Mar 2017

Current Rank Previous Rank Top Products Most Buyer Inquired On
1NEWSolar panels
23Solar lights
36LED panel lights
45E27 LED bulbs
51Portable solar power systems
62LED street lights
720LED work lights
813Solar air conditioners
916LED light fixtures
104LED garden lights
11NEWSolar garden lights
1215LED ceiling lights
13NEWLED floodlights
1417LED globe bulbs
159Solar street lights
1610Solar grid tie inverters
17NEWLED grow lights
1812LED high bay lights
19NEWLED downlights
208LED emergency lights
Current Rank Previous Rank Top Products based on keyword searches
1NEWsolar power bank
2NEWled track light
3NEWsolar light
413led down light
5NEWled lighting
69solar garden light
718solar inverter
8NEWsolar street light
911led ceiling light
10NEWled strip light
11NEWled grow light
1216led tube
13NEWgrow light
14NEWled car light
15NEWsolar panel system
16NEWled flood light
178flexible solar panel
18NEWsolar air conditioner
19NEWsolar charger
20NEWaluminum profile

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