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Today, China is a hot spot for sourcing agents and buyers due its vast resources and technology. Find out more about the main manufacturing regions including Shanghai, Beijing, Zhejiang and Guangdong and other essential sourcing tips when communicating with China manufacturers and suppliers. Source now!

Main Regions

Shanghai Shanghai

The top 3 industries in Shanghai are retail and wholesale, financial services and real estate. Shanghai is known for its niche in development of financial services, logistics and cultural industries.

Shanghai is also noted for its vast supplier & manufacturer resources consisting of sectors involving computers and telecommunications. Textile Manufactures and suppliers and Shanghai have also grown in prominence in the past decades. The 6 key advanced industries (including electronic information product, automobile, petrochemical, fine steel, equipment complex, bio-medicine) accounted for 67.3% of the gross industrial output in 2013. This makes it an attractive region for businesses as well.

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Beijing Beijing

Beijing is touted for her strong presence of various science and technology R&D facilities. There are also 27 economically incentivized areas, and 306 scientific research institutions conducting R&D activities. Hence, Beijing is also known as “China's Silicon Valley.”

Beijing's industrial sector is dominated by metallurgy manufacturers which accounted for 84.6% of Beijing's gross industrial output in 2012 reports. Beijing manufacturers also come in great numbers across different sectors including chemicals, telecommunication equipment and food-making.

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Zhejiang Zhejiang borders Shanghai to the north and Fujian to the south. Zhejiang's economy has remained largely independent, adopting local economic policies that are inward-looking. Moreover, Zhejiang distinguishes itself by placing great emphasis on active ingenuity, strong work ethics and an entrepreneurial spirit dubbed the “Zhejiang model”.

The major manufacturing sectors of Zhejiang cover electromechanical industries, textiles, heavy industries & metallurgy and plastics. A fair number of Zhejiang suppliers also specialise in electrical equipment. In particular, the Hangzhou Bay area is a crucial IT industry base apart from Beijing and Shanghai. The Zhejiang local government has also stated its goal to speed up the expansion of other hi-tech industries like biotechnology, medicine and new materials.

Over the years, Zhejiang textile producers have also grown in prominence, accounting for up to 10% of Zhejiang's gross industrial output. These include the production of chemical fiber, leather products, wooden furniture and toys, to name a few.

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Guangdong is the economic center of the southern region of China which consist of China's five original Special Economic Zones. Guangdong's most prominent industry is the logistics industry and the light manufacturing sector that includes the production of electrical appliances and communication equipment.

The electronics industry in Guangdong contributes to 41% of the total industrial output and its wide array of economic incentives and 22 state-level economic development zones have also appealed to foreign investors.

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