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Auto Parts & Accessories Auto Parts & Accessories
Auto Parts & Accessories trade magazine is packed with sourcing information on automotive parts, security products, brake parts, vehicle accessories, and more.
Gifts & Premiums Gifts & Premiums
Get in-depth sourcing infomation on major manufacturers worldwide. This trade magazine is packed with sourcing information on gifts, crafts, stationery, and more.
Hardware & DIY Hardware & DIY
Looking for top quality Hardware & DIY suppliers? This trade magazine is packed with sourcing information on cabinet hinges, power hand drills, chainsaws, and more.
Security Products Security Products
Get in-depth sourcing information on major manufacturers worldwide. This trade magazine is packed with sourcing information on intruder alarms, and more.
Sports & Leisure Sports & Leisure
Looking for top quality Sports & Leisure suppliers? This trade magazine is packed with sourcing information on sporting goods, fishing gear, bicycles, and more.
Telecom Products Telecom Products
Telecom Products trade magazine is packed with sourcing information on bluetooth products, wireless VoIP products, network routers, set-top boxes, and more.
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Fitness Equipment Fitness Equipment
Fitness equipment suppliers in China are optimistic about export growth in the months ahead as the trend for a healthy lifestyle gains strength worldwide. Companies are emphasizing multifunctionality, safety and ergonomics in upcoming models
Display Parts & Components Display Parts & Components
China suppliers of display parts and components remain optimistic about the industry's long-term growth due to rising demand for energy-efficient, environment-friendly lighting products. In response, makers are broadening their product and application range, and increasing manufacturing efficiency.
Batteries Batteries
China is among the world's largest battery suppliers with as much as 40 percent share of global output.
Despite the challenging global economy, the industry continues to be driven by strong demand from the mobile phone, laptop, digital still and video camera, power tool and in-car electronics industries.
Jewelry & Watches Jewelry & Watches
Jewelry & watch suppliers in China are taking diverse steps to overcome external and internal challenges that have slowed exports and caused an industry shakeout.
Demand for the country's products reduced significantly after the global financial crisis struck in the fourth quarter of 2008.
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