15 Craziest Pens

If the average pen is mightier than the sword, just how strong are these crazy pens? Mightier than a nuke? More innovative than the ShamWow? Weirder than a liger?

From fanciful to functional to fatal, these 20 pens run the gamut of brilliant design and sensational manufacturing. What can your pen do for you?

1. Angel Plant Pot Pen
Observe your own little starter garden while you write. When the plant outgrows the pen, repot it and start anew.

2. Bendy Pen
Bend and stick??bend and stick.

With a magnetic end, you can bend and stick your pen anywhere you please.


3. Auto-Retracting Banner Ad Pen
Print your message on both sides of the pull-out banner for an unforgettable promotional giveaway.

4. Tiny Golf Club Pens
FOUR! Now you can drive for show, and sign for dough.


5. Perfume in a Pen
No love letter is complete without a spritz from your favorite perfume pen.

6. Spy Pen
Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to record a presentation, take a picture and upload the information to a computer without blowing your cover. Good luck!


7. Magnifying Pen
Looks like a white elephant gift from Sherlock Holms. Perfect for investigate clues and small penmanship.


8. Thermometer Pen
75 and sunny outside? Pull a Ferris Bueller and call out sick.

9. Digital Stylus + Screwdriver Pen
Because one just can't exist without the other - right?

10. Vibrating Pen
"For hospital and diagnostic purposes." ....Riiiiiight.

11. Secret Message Pen
Invisible ink means you can leave those computer passwords lying around. No one will be the wiser.

12. Fan Pen
Who says writing isn't a workout?


13. Reporter's Pen
Record, playback, and jot down notes all at once. Misquotes = a thing of the past.

14. The Ultimate Presenter's Pen
Laser pointer, page up and down, and black screen all in one?! PowerPoint Presentations have met their match.

15. Projector Pen
Holy Bat Signal, Batman! Someone needs help!


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