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  • Fashion Apparel & Fabrics Magazine
    Fashion Apparel & Fabrics

    Looking for Fashion Apparel & Fabrics suppliers from Asia? This sourcing magazine is packed with sourcing data on Fabrics, Textile Suppliers & Services, and more.

  • Fashion Accessories & Footwear Magazine
    Fashion Accessories & Footwear

    Find reliable suppliers of Fashion Accessories & Footwear in this sourcing magazine like Bags & Cases, Jewelry, Apparel and gain deep insights into the market.

  • Electronics Magazine

    Subscribe to this Electronics sourcing magazine and gain insights on the latest electronic products such as gaming headsets, solar power banks, smart door locks and more.

  • Hardware, Auto & Machinery
    Hardware, Auto & Machinery

    Scouting for Hardware, Auto & Machinery product sources? This magazine gives you vital insights on market trends and contact details of hundreds of verified suppliers.

  • Smart Living Magazine
    Smart Living

    Sourcing for Smart Living products? Subscribe to this informative sourcing magazine for the latest insights on the market and contact details of hundreds of reliable suppliers.

  • Gift & Premiums Magazine
    Gift & Premiums

    Searching for dependable Gifts & Premiums product suppliers? This sourcing magazine gives you the latest market trends and access to contact details of hundreds of verified suppliers.

Import, export and dropshipping advice & information on sourcing in China

Over 40 years, Global Sources has helped importing and exporting companies around the world become more successful. As a leading facilitator of global trade, we have a proven track record in assisting China export manufacturers find trade partners worldwide and provide a wide range of industry news and sourcing news.

Beginner's Sourcing Guide in China – the 4 basic steps

In this 4-step guide, discover useful tips that would help you to source from China and beyond. This guide contains important sourcing information for first-time buyers and small businesses who might not have the capacity to conduct overseas operations.

Importing from China to sell online? Things you need to know

Here are 4 must-know tips when you want to "import from China" and sell online – particularly on eBay & Amazon.

Do importers need trading companies to buy in China?

The trend over the past 20 years has suggested a more direct trade between the manufacturer and importer, while purchasing via trading company is no longer favorable for importers.

What a social auditor should check in China factories

Social auditors should focus on the worst practices that are common in China.

Sampling for inspection: Packed, unpacked goods

The inspection protocol involves identifying the sampling size and defines how sampling for inspection should be done to ensure the reliability.

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