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Global Sources magazines provide exclusive industry forecasts and supplier directories - select from various industry-specific titles. Subscribe to receive our Sourcing Magazines.

  • Hardware, Auto & Machinery
    Hardware, Auto & Machinery

    Scouting for Hardware, Auto & Machinery product sources? This magazine gives you vital insights on market trends and contact details of hundreds of verified suppliers.

  • Electronics Magazine

    Subscribe to this Electronics sourcing magazine and gain insights on the latest electronic products such as gaming headsets, solar power banks, smart door locks and more.

  • Smart Living Magazine
    Smart Living

    Sourcing for Smart Living products? Subscribe to this informative sourcing magazine for the latest insights on the market and contact details of hundreds of reliable suppliers.

  • Fashion Apparel & Fabrics Magazine
    Fashion Apparel & Fabrics

    Looking for Fashion Apparel & Fabrics suppliers from Asia? This sourcing magazine is packed with sourcing data on Fabrics, Textile Suppliers & Services, and more.

  • Electronic Components Magazine
    Electronic Components

    Looking for top quality Electronic Components suppliers? This sourcing magazine is packed with sourcing information on motor controllers, bluetooth modules, and more.

  • Gifts & Premiums Magazine
    Gifts & Premiums

    Get in-depth sourcing information on major manufacturers worldwide. This sourcing magazine is packed with sourcing information on gifts, crafts, stationery, and more.

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Smart China Sourcing provides useful contacts of sourcing agents/consultants, product assembly firms, project management companies and others who can assist you when sourcing wholesale products from China.
Ask the Experts
Sponsored by Global Sources and China Sourcing Information Center, Ask the Experts features leading panels of experts provide Q&A sourcing assistance.
China Sourcing Fairs
These premier trade fairs are held across different continents every year round the calendar. View latest exhibited products and contact the suppliers face-to-face at the shows.
Private Sourcing Events
Leading retailers and brands use the Private Sourcing Events to find new suppliers. Find out how this service works for you.

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