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Global Sources offers the largest online wholesalers directory with a wide selection of reliable and trusted wholesale products from China, Taiwan and international wholesalers. All verified wholesalers listed here are verified by the Global Sources team of industry experts to ensure these are trusted wholesalers and suppliers making Global Sources the one and only wholesaler directory you will ever need.

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Negotiate like a boss in China
Communication across different cultures can be a daunting and challenging task. Read about how you can overcome these language and cultural barriers to obtain the highest standards for your products.
8 top tips for successful product development
Developing a product that has an ability to commercialise is more difficult than some might think. This however does not deem it completely impossible. Discover tips for the successful development of a product.
Preventing China counterfeiting: The basics
When a major holiday event like Christmas is round the corner, cases of China counterfeiting rapidly increase. Read on to find out more about how to avoid infringement problems.
How to terminate your China supplier: Very carefully
Chinese companies often take hostages in an effort to collect on alleged debts or to protest employee layoffs or closing of a China facility. Uncover ways to terminate your China supplier to avoid this.
Do Chinese factories really migrate to inland provinces?
One of the trends over the decade or so in China has been the migration of exporting factories from the Pearl River Delta region to the whole coast of China, and then to land-locked areas. Find out more about future trends in factory migration and how production of goods like jeans and steel would be affected.
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