Global Sourcing Fair: Electronics & Components - Electronics & Components Trade Show in Shenzhen, China
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Source the latest electronics for better competitive edge!
August 27-29, 2013       Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center      China
Hot product categories:
Consumer electronics & accessories
Telecom Products
Electronic Games
Audio & Video Products
Mobile intelligent devices & accessories
Mobile intelligent terminals
Computer Accessories
Accessories for Apple
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New, competitive business partners
Build new business connections with today's leading suppliers of electronics. The Global Sourcing Fair features low-cost and quality manufacturers from China to give you competitive sourcing that can maximize your return on investment. Register now
Accessible and modern sourcing venue
The 220,000-sqm Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center boasts proximity to commercial establishments, plus modern amenities to facilitate your Global Sourcing Fair visit. The venue is also located in Shenzhen, China's most prosperous special economic zone with convenient and advanced transportation links. Register now
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Opening Hours
Registration Hours
August 27-29, 2013
9:30am 5:00pm
9:00am 4:30pm
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Trade only. Attendees must be 18 years and above
Strictly no retail or sample sales
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