3rd VR/AR/MR Ecosystem Summit

  • Startup Launchpad conference area ,Hall 11, Asia-World Expo
  • Starts – October 18, 2017

    Ends – October 19, 2017

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Global Sources VR/AR/MR Summit brings together creators of amazing, immersive VR, and mixed reality experiences to share best practices and demo new technology. This 2017 Fall, the summit will tap expertise fields from game, entertainment, live-event, education, training, e-commerce and retail industry to bring you the cutting edge technology application for virtual, augmented and mixed reality.

If you are a content creator, programmer, entrepreneur, business executive, or a professor, educator, trainer, who would like to leverage VR/AR/MR into your business or work? If so, this is a must attend summit for you:

  • 1) Expand your knowledge of how VR/AR is developed to entertain in the Games & Entertainment industry
  • 2) Learn from experts breaking ground on the frontier of VR/AR development in the live-streaming media
  • 3) Hear the value of VR/AR tool or service on how to create a new learning and training experience
  • 4) Learn directly from developers and experts about how their brands are applying VR/AR tech
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Two-day Agenda

Day 1 -

VR Gaming, Entertainment and Live Events

  • Inquiry Basket Gaming & Entertainment

    Whether you're a programmer, designer, producer, artist, or in business development, gain inspiration from ground-breaking work in game and entertainment VR/AR and learn skills to grow your expertise.

  • Inquiry Basket Live Events

    In the Live Events Track, hear in-depth lectures illustrating how innovative VR/AR development has the power to influence nearly all aspects of live-streamed video and contents as we know it.

Day 2 -

Applying VR in Education, Training, e-Commerce & Retail

  • Inquiry Basket Education & Training

    Advised to find a great tool, service, product, or platform that enables educators and trainers to leverage or create innovative VR/AR powered learning experiences.

  • Inquiry Basket e-Commerce & Retail

    VR/AR takes e-commerce to a whole new level, allowing companies to create exciting brand experiences that not only leave the viewer excited about the brand, but excited to share their experience with their social network.

Our Keynote Speakers

  • Raymond Pao

    VP of VR department, HTC

  • With abundant experience and knowledge in consumer electronics and technology. Raymond is in charge of VR technology R&D, businesses development, and strategic partnership in Asia Pacific, creating exceptional products and brand value for HTC VIVE.
  • Gibson Guo

    Senior Business Development Manager, Microsoft

  • Rich experience in business development, integrated experience application, and industry ecosystem management.
  • Hanjin Chu

    Director of VR, Computer Tech & Alliance, AMD

  • Responsible for the application and cooperation of graphics processor (GPU) technology in VR applications, game design, computer graphics and simulation.
  • Gabriel Guo

    Product marketing manager, Qualcomm

  • In charge of Product management of Qualcomm China VR/AR products, with ten years working experience, graduated from Tsinghua University.
  • Cao Ou

    Customer Marketing Manager, Intel

  • Has over a decade of international experience in the Information-Communication-Technology (ICT) industry, and previously worked for Qualcomm on Bluetooth protocol standardisation and implementation, as well as project management for smartphone reference designs.
  • Richard Shi

    Founder and CEO, EmdoorVR

  • Co-founder of Emdoor Group, CEO of EmdoorVR. MBA of the University of Wales. Industry experts of embedded. 20 years of experiences. One of leading hardware design solution supplier of mobile VR and PC VR.
  • Hang Zhang

    Senior Director, iQIYI

  • In charge of the iQIYI VR products, facilitating VR video/gaming content and hardware integration cooperation.

3rd VR/AR/MR Eco-system Summit (Oct.18)

  • 10:30 -10:35
    Opening Wenbo Sun, Founder, Chairman and CEO Founder, LetinVR
  • 10:35 -10:40
    Welcome Speech Tommy Wong, President, Electronics, Global Sources
  • 10:40 -11:00
    VR-A brand new world-changing trend Raymond Pao, VP of VR department, HTC
  • 11:00-11:20
    The Mobile Future of Extended Reality Gabriel Guo, Product Marketing Manager, Qualcomm
  • 11:20-11:40
    2017, Quality Year for VR road to consumer Hanjin Chu, Director of VR, Compute Tech & Alliance, AMD
  • 11:40-12:00
    VR Breakthrough: The power of content Hang Zhang, Senior Director, iQIYI

3rd VR/AR/MR Eco-system Summit (Oct.19)

  • 10:30 -10:35
    Opening Wenbo Sun, Founder, Chairman and CEO Founder, LetinVR
  • 10:35 -10:40
    Welcome Speech Tommy Wong, President, Electronics, Global Sources
  • 10:40 -11:00
    Microsoft Holographic platform for MR Gibson Guo, Senior Business Development Manager, Microsoft
  • 11:00-11:20
    Hardware solution trend of PC & Mobile VR/AR/MR in 2018 Richard Shi, Founder and CEO, EmdoorVR
  • 11:20-11:40
    Intel solutions for VR Cao Ou, Customer Marketing Manager, Intel Client Computing Group, Intel
  • 11:40-12:10
    Panel Discussion (2018 VR/AR/MR industry outlook)

Post-Conference/Event Arrangements

VR Hardware Sourcing Tour

Take a quick tour finding the selected VR/AR suppliers; what are the type of hardware recommended for the coming VR market boom, and most importantly what to mind when sourcing for this product category.

Experience the latest VIVE VR Contents

What is the content on demand in year 2017? Come learn what are the new content created by HTC VIVE, and get inspired discovering range of ideas VR application can do across different industries!

Participant’s Testimonial

  • Zhao Gang
  • Head of VR/AR Development, JD Group
  • “Every points shared in the VR/AR summit are critical to the actual VR/AR industry development. This is where things get down to earth!”

  • Raymond Pao
  • VP of VR Department, HTC
  • “Speakers from different technical background has shared their view to the VR/AR development. Great contents, this summit is a must go.”

  • Cao Ou
  • Customer Marketing Manager, Intel
  • “Great thanks for hosting this amazing summit! We have discussed and shared our long-term vision with other speakers in the industry. This is very encouraging for the VR/AR developers”

  • Gibson Guo
  • Senior Business Development Manager, Microsoft
  • “Thru the summit I have found new business potential in the VR/AR field, and discovered potential co-operation with other industry players.”