Xiamen Export Base
Overview of Xiamen Export Base

Xiamen is one of the four special economic zones in China, becoming China (Fujian) free trade test area since 2014. Xiamen is also Southeast China's international shipping center and cross strait trade center. The port city is located in the core area of the maritime Silk Road, a major city in the national Silk Road economic zone and Maritime Silk Road strategic initiative to boost investment ties.

Xiamen Gaoqi airport has T3 and T4 terminals, 167 domestic and international routes, an annual passenger throughput of more than 2000 million, and a cargo throughput of more than 30 million tons. Plans to build the Xiamen Xiang'an International Airport plans in 2018 and to be put into use in 2020 are now underway Xiamen port is the eighth largest container port in China, the world's sixteenth largest container port. It is an important foreign trade port along the southeast coast of the China since ancient times.

Xiamen Port's 2015 main indexes keep mounting up fast. These include cargo throughput, container throughput, waterage turnover, fixed investment, etc. The accelerating rate of container throughput index ranks third among the main seaside ports in China. Data shows, Xiamen port's cargo throughput completed 210 million tons, an increase of 2.53%. Container throughput completed 918.28 million TEUs, growing 7.12%. In the latest ranking of the top 20 global port, Xiamen port's container growth ranked after the Antwerp port (fourteenth, 965 million TEUs, an increase of 7.53%). Annual growth in container volume is in the upper middle of top 20.