Apple's 5.5in iPhone launch plagued by supply chain issues

According to analysts, problems in the supply chain may delay the launch until November or December.

August 27, 2014

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According to analysts, problems in the supply chain may delay the launch until November or December.

While there have been several reports of iPhone delays, it appears as though supply chain issues, specifically yield of the in-cell touch panel, may delay the launch of the 5.5in iPhone until November or December.

This would put the launch at the same time as the expected iWatch/iTime smart watch roll out, instead of a September launch, the expected release date of the 4.7in iPhone 6.

In addition, concerns about the strength of the expected sapphire-glass composite touchscreen may delay Apple’s introduction of that technology on smartphones and tablets, and engineering the new surface may have contributed to the delayed production schedule.

According to a Deutsche Bank report, the components for the 4.7in model have begun mass production and assembly was expected to begin at the end of July or early August. It expects that the total number of 4.7in iPhones would be a maximum of 22 million units by the end of 3Q 2014, though that represents the best-case scenario. The 5.5in model is “at least two months behind” its smaller cousin.

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