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Models that let out liquid at controlled and preset doses, or in mist modes, are on the rise.

April 07, 2017

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Models that let out liquid at controlled and preset doses, or in mist modes, are on the rise.

China suppliers of automatic dispensers are rolling out more intelligent and cost-efficient models.

There are now no-touch dispensers that let the user preset hand-sensing distance and liquid-dispensing rate for better accessibility and conservation of liquid soap, gel, sanitizers and alcohol. Others alert the user on soap level, and working and power status via LEDs.

Releases are also turning versatile, some doubling as hand-sanitizing units or advertising display kiosks. One model in this gallery, for instance, releases a fog or mist not just to cut liquid consumption, but for disinfecting the hands as well. Another featured unit is a “connected” freestanding dispenser with a built-in tablet PC screen that shows videos and images.

The products in this gallery were selected by our China-based Market Analyst for representing current trends in smart automatic soap and sanitizer dispensers.

Clear design

The SG-M1388B model from Qingdao Seagull Import And Export Co. Ltd dispenses soap automatically. It can hold up to 600mL. With a clear white or blue ABS body, users can see how much soap is left. The 16.7x12.7x11.3cm product is priced $6.50 to $8.50 for an MOQ of 500 units.

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Auto power on/off

Taizhou Dihour Electrical Appliances Co. Ltd’s model DH2000 automatic soap dispenser turns on after the case is closed and off when opened. Its LED flashes thrice to indicate working status and changes to blue if its six AA batteries are low on power. The 110x275x106mm CE-certified handsfree dispenser has an 800cc capacity, releasing one drop or 1 to 1.5cc soap per use. It operates on 4.5VDC or 5VAC. Battery life is good for 50,000 drops or cycles, or about a year. The product comes in stainless steel and ABS in various colors, and can be polished and brushed. Besides soap, it can contain alcohol gel, liquid alcohol, hand sanitizers, sterilized iodine and detergents. Price is $20 to $35. MOQ is 100 units.

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Fogging sterilizer

The DH1598T model, also from Taizhou Dihour Electrical Appliances Co. Ltd, is a 220x185x380mm handsfree 304 stainless steel dispenser that can be filled with up to 2,000mL liquids, including alcohol and hand sanitizers. It beeps when full and can produce a fog or mist for disinfecting the hands. This helps conserve fluid, keeping the release rate between 0.6 to 0.8mL. The CE-certified sterilizer dispenser is controlled by a micro CPU, and protected from overvoltage, -current, -heating and short-circuits. Its nozzle is easy to replace. Rated power is less than 25W and voltage is from 220 to 240V at 50/60Hz. The product lists at $70 to $90 for an MOQ of 100 units.

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Adjustable sensor distance

The model HTE-809 CE- and RoHS-certified automatic soap dispenser from Xiamen Homietec Enterprise Co. Ltd adopts a sensor that can be set to detect hands at a 5 to 14cm range. It holds up to 1L and dispenses liquid soap and foam. Rated voltage and power are 6VDC using an AC adapter and 5.5W, respectively. Current is less than 300mA. The 141x40x130mm counter-mount dispenser has a patented design. It comes in ABS and alloy with a chrome finish. The product suits kitchens, bathrooms and other public places. For an MOQ of 3,000 units, each is priced $50 to $85.

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Doubles as printer

Xiamen Homietec Enterprise Co. Ltd also offers the model HTE-807 floorstanding automatic hand sanitizer dispenser that doubles as a digital signage and coupon printer. The unit integrates a 21.5in Android tablet and a coupon printer that records user data. The interactive kiosk supports content updates from a single or thousands of remote locations, using any third-party APK extended feature and Wi-Fi, RG-45, 3G and 4G PC connections. Uploading videos and images, and scheduling playlists can be done remotely also through the latter. The system also allows assigning and grouping of LCDs, targeting content for different users. Auto power on/off and real-time status checking can be done from the server. MOQ is 100 units.

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Innovative Y-shaped design

The Y-shaped V-476 model from Yangfar Industry Co. Ltd uses an advanced IR sensor that detects hand proximity to dispense automatically about 2mL or a preset dose of soap, sanitizer or lotion. It is said to help prevent cross-contamination for the user does not have to touch any pump or handle while washing. The dispenser has a capacity of 300mL or 10oz. It runs on four 1.5V AA batteries or 6VDC. Price is $11.90 for an MOQ of 1,000 units.

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