Oakley’s fitness glasses keep you company while you run

The Radar Pace glasses have earbuds and three microphones to keep users informed about how their workout is going.

October 06, 2016

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The Radar Pace glasses have earbuds and three microphones to keep users informed about how their workout is going.

Three-time Ironman world champion Craig Alexander did a promotional
video for Oakley's Radar Pace glasses shown at CES 2016
(Source: Scott Leathersich/YouTube)

China makers have been putting out Bluetooth glasses for years now, hoping the convenience of having headphones readily available on the sunglasses would be seen as a big convenience to consumers. Sometimes, however, convenience is not enough. While cheaper Bluetooth glasses might sell for less than $10 a piece in China for bulk orders, Oakley and Intel have teamed up to give people a much more premium product that will cost $450.

Of course to fetch this kind of price, Oakley's Radar Pace glasses are high quality and offer features that usually are not available in Bluetooth glasses. The focus of the device is fitness, so the glasses have a built-in fitness trainer that can give users real-time updates and coaching while they are working out. It can tap into connected sensors such as GPS in the phone or a heart rate monitor in another device. Users can even talk back to the voice assistant, which will answer questions for users. Oakley told Engadget that the three microphones were designed to pick up a user's voice even over the sound of loud wind.

The Radar Pace glasses can last up to six hours on a single charge without music playing but four hours with it. The product weighs 56g and charge from a Micro-USB port in each arm. It also includes a touch panel on the left side to control music playback.

These glasses are clearly a cut above previous Bluetooth glasses that have come out. However, it does feel a bit like other companies are copying China now rather than the other way around. Bluetooth glasses are such a niche product, though, that a premium device—the only kind of product Oakley offers—might be the best way to crack the market. Oakley is not saying users will want to wear around the Radar Pace glasses all the time. Rather, the company suggests it has designed the perfect companion wearable while people are out running or biking. For consumers with the money, that is not a bad value proposition.

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