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More durable, efficient models lead radial tire supply

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Car tire

Upcoming releases employ upgraded rubber formulations for better performance in various weather conditions.


  • New raw materials: China suppliers of radial trucks are adding white carbon black to rubber to shorten brake distance. The material can also help during use on wet pavements and during winter.
  • Recycled designs: These versions are becoming more popular recently. A number boast of a lifespan equivalent to about 80 percent of a new model’s.
  • Application: Besides passenger cars and trucks, a number of makers are beginning to roll out models for agricultural vehicles such as tractors. Products are being incorporated in go karts as well.

Car tires

    Car tire


    L-Guard Intl Enterprise Ltd
    Model: Radial Truck Tire
    Description: Truck tire; natural or synthetic rubber, carbon black or sulfur; steel or fiber belt; bead wire; FL678 pattern; 279mm section, 17mm tread width; 22.5in rim diameter; 1,065mm tire height; 143 load index; A temperature rating

    Car tire

    Qingdao Cathaytyre Group Co. Ltd
    Model: TR777-True
    Description: Passenger car tire; rubber and steel; 175mm section width; 13mm rim diameter; 82/89 load index; A temperature, Q or S speed ratings; 340 or 350kPa pressure; 70% aspect ratio; DOT, CCC, GCC, REACH, ECE, ISO

    Car tire

    Qingdao Fullrun Tyre Corp. Ltd
    Model: HP108
    Description: Passenger car tire; rubber; steel belt; asymmetrical pattern; 175 to 295mm section, 1.6mm tread width; 13 to 28in rim diameter; 584 to 1,800mm tire height; 77 to 103 load index; A temperature, T or W speed ratings

    Car tire

    Qingdao Touran Co. Ltd
    Model: 366
    Description: Truck tire; natural rubber and steel; rib pattern; 314mm section width; 22.5cm rim diameter; 1,075mm tire height; 154/151 load index; M speed rating; 830kPa pressure; 80% aspect ratio

    Car tire

    Shengtai Group Co. Ltd
    Model: P307
    Description: Rubber and carbon black; symmetrical pattern; 185mm section, 400mm section width; 381mm diameter; 647mm tire height; A load, A temperature, V speed ratings; 44PSI pressure

    Car tire

    Tirexcelle (Qingdao) Inc.
    Model: All-Steel Radial Heavy-Duty Tire 11R22.5
    Description: Truck tire; rubber and steel; lug tread; 11in width; 22.5in rim diameter; 148/145 load index; M speed rating; 830kPa pressure

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