Ceramic capacitor makers enhance MLCC performance

China makers aim for higher capacitance while moving toward the adoption of base-metal electrodes and thinner dielectric layers.

October 30, 2017

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China makers aim for higher capacitance while moving toward the adoption of base-metal electrodes and thinner dielectric layers.

Mainland China manufacturers of ceramic capacitors pursue development to realize higher capacitance and Q factor and low loss in multilayer types. They are aiming for up to 100µF from the current 10µF and are looking to follow Murata's lead in using base-metal electrodes to meet the last two objectives.

In keeping with the miniaturization trend, companies hope to bring the thickness of a single dielectric layer to below 1µm as TDK and Murata did, while the goal by package size is to release 0201 units and eventually 01005 variants. At present, they can reach 2µm and 0402.

Spurring product initiatives is the growing popularity of multilayer ceramic capacitors, which will gradually replace chip aluminum and chip tantalum kinds in LED lighting applications. In addition, most local makers will continue to raise MLCC production by 10 to 15 percent next year to meet the increase in domestic and overseas demand.

MLCCs account for more than 80 percent of the mainland's total shipments of ceramic capacitors and enjoy an annual boost in sales of 15 percent.

In terms of overall capacitor deliveries, ceramic variants now have over 50 percent share and this is expected to reach 60 percent in the next two years.

The products in this gallery have been handpicked by our market analyst for representing current trends in ceramic capacitors.

0.1 to 100pF, 25 to 250V, NP0

Hitano Enterprise Corp. offers this chip ceramic capacitor, RF0603 model, with 0.1 to 100pF capacitance. The unit in 0201 to 0805 sizes has 25 to 250VDC rated voltage. The temperature coefficient is NP0.

Price is $0.04 to $1 for a minimum order of 4,000 units. The maker delivers within 10 days.

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100pF to 820nF, 50 to 10,000VDC, NP0

Model XL Series from Hitano Enterprise Corp. consists of ceramic capacitors with 100pF to 820nF capacitance and ±1, ±2 and ±5 percent tolerance. The temperature coefficient is NP0.

The 2020 to 13060 units with rated voltage ranging from 50 to 10,000VDC operate in -55 to 125 C. Each is quoted at $0.10 to $10. The minimum order of 10,000 units is delivered within 14 days.

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39 to 2,200µF, 160 to 500VDC

For high-end industrial power supplies, Nova Technology (HK) Co. Ltd's Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor model has 39 to 2,200µF capacitance and ±20 percent tolerance.

The unit has 160 to 500VDC rated voltage. Its life span is 7,000 hours.

The minimum order is 1,000 units. Delivery is within 7 days.

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39 to 2,200µF, 7,000-hour life span

Model DIP Ceramic Capacitor from Nova Technology (HK) Co. Ltd comes in variants with 39 to 2,200µF capacitance and ±20 percent tolerance. The rated voltage is 160 to 500VDC.

The passive component lasts 7,000 hours and suits high-end industrial power supplies.

The minimum order is 1,000 units. Delivery lead time is 7 days.

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100ohm to 1Mohm resistance, 0402 to 2512

Sun Kam Wah International Electric (HK) Co.'s model MLCC6 ceramic capacitor has 100ohm, 2,200ohm, 1Kohm or 1Mohm resistance, ±0.1 percent B, ±0.25 percent C and ±0.5 percent D tolerance, and ±15, ±25 or ±50ppm/C TCR.

The unit in 0402 to 2512 has 1/16 to 1/2W power rating. It uses passivated NiCr film for acid and moisture resistance. Applications include high-end computers and multimedia devices, telecom products, industrial and medical equipment, and automatic equipment controllers.

The supplier requires an order of at least 10,000 units. Delivery is within 7 days.

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Up to 220µF, 6.3 to 6,000VDC

The 104 model from Sun Kam Wah International Electric (HK) Co. is a ceramic capacitor with up to 220µF capacitance, and ±0.1pF B, ±0.25pF C, ±0.5pF D, ±5 percent J, ±10 percent K and ±20 percent M tolerance. The maximum dissipation factor is 0.15 percent at 20 C, 1MHz, 1VDC. Rated voltage is 6.3 to 6,000VDC.

The unit is in variants with NP0, X7R, X5R, Z5U or Y5V temperature coefficient, with operating temperatures of -55 to 125 C for the first two, -55 to 85 C, 10 to 85 C and -30 to 85 C.

The minimum order of 10,000 units has a 7-day delivery lead time.

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