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China GSM alarm systems support Android, iOS

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GSM alarm system

The latest releases come with an app, taking remote controlling a step further. SMS alerts and features enabling are now standard.

    GSM alarm system

    Listen on-site

    Catchview Electronics Co. Ltd
    The model CV-GSM188 GSM alarm system from Catchview calls automatically three preset phone numbers then activates its on-site listen function. The unit also sends an SMS to three mobile phones. Remote arming and disarming are done through a phone’s keypad. The model operates at 850, 900, 1,800, 1,900MHz GSM. The alarm response time is ≤8 seconds at normal GSM signal. Power requirements are 220VAC at 50/60Hz. The backup battery is 7.4VDC/850mA.

    GSM alarm system

    SMS alert

    Catchview Electronics Co. Ltd
    Catchview’s CV-GSM060-EX model sends an SMS to three preset mobile phone numbers. The 24 wireless zones can be modified also by SMS while initial zone definition is done on the mainframe. The system also supports two wired zones, two-way communication and 10-second voice recording. The model dials automatically three present phone numbers and allows users to listen in on the alarm area. It has fixed-time arming, and partial arming and disarming.

    GSM alarm system

    Works with Android, iOS

    Clouds International HK Co. Ltd
    Clouds’ A6 model uses an Android- and iOS-compatible app to send an SMS alert, delay arming and alarm, adjust alarm tone and call-in time settings, wireless programing and zone attribution. The app also allows users to check the alarm host status and current temperature of the alarm host’s surroundings. The system supports 16 wireless and four wired zones, each of which can be set separately.

    GSM alarm system

    Supports 99 RFID cards

    Shenzhen Chitongda Electronic Co. Ltd
    Shenzhen Chitongda requires an MOQ of 10 sets for the YL007 M2G model. The GSM alarm system works with 99 RFID cards for arming, disarming and relay control. It sends an SMS when disarmed by an RFID card. The SMS text for the first 10 cards can be edited. The unit supports 10 remote controls, and 99 wireless and two wired defense zones. It sends alerts for sensor low power and tampering.

    GSM alarm system

    Separate zone arm/disarm functions

    Shenzhen Fortunemount Technology Co. Ltd
    The model #ALM-F4GH GSM-G1 GSM alarm supports 12 wireless and and two wired zones, each with independent arm/disarm functions. It allows two-way communication and sends an SMS to alert users when the system is triggered, and in cases of power failure and restoration. Zone name and content reassignment, status inquiry and language change are done via SMS as well. A set includes an alarm host, wireless door/window magnetic contact, PIR sensor, two remote controllers, wireless keyboard, siren, AC adapter and English user manual.

    GSM alarm system

    Suits Android, iOS

    Shenzhen Golden Security Technology Co. Ltd
    Various functions and features of the model GS-G200TSYP-1E, including five-alarm call/SMS number, one-alarm CID call number, 10s recording, and arm and alarm delay, can be controlled by Android and iOS devices. Its app can also be used to check the alam host status and temperature, and change alarm beep, zone attribution and call-in time settings. The system supports 16 wireless and four wired zones, each with adjustable settings.

    GSM alarm system

    Ultra-thin system

    Shenzhen Pilot Guards Safety Technology Co. Ltd
    Priced $50 to $60, the PG-700 8.14 model from Shenzhen Pilot is an ultra-thin alarm system operating at 850, 900, 1,800, 1,900MHz GSM at 315, 433 or 868MHz wireless frequency. The unit supports eight wired and 99 wireless defenze zones, and SMS and dialing alarm. The easy-to-operate product has a built-in LCD and clock. It sends an SMS prompt to indicate low battery, and AC power failure and restoration. The product stores six groups of phone numbers that it calls automatically on alarm mode.

    GSM alarm system

    GSM/PSTN system with app

    Zuden Technology (HK) Co. Ltd
    The ZDAS-Q8 model from Zuden uses an app compatible with Android and iOS or an SMS to control relay output. The unit has a temperature sensor and a touch keypad. It alerts users via a phone call or SMS. Supporting 30 wireless and four wired zones, the product features advanced zone attribution and user-friendly zone names. The quadband system has 100 alarm logs and allows two-way communication. MOQ is 100 sets.

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