Fast-cleansing shower filters, saves water

The Cirrus Shower emits a clean jet mist that washes the entire body quick.

June 08, 2017

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The Cirrus Shower emits a clean jet mist that washes the entire body quick.

Image Source: Cirrus via Indiegogo

A new kind of water-saving handheld shower from France-based Cirrus has made a splash in Indiegogo after it was funded by more than 7,600 percent.

The Cirrus Shower is a bathroom fixture that is said to consume 75 percent less water but cover 10x more surface area as compared to standard showerheads. It does that through an integrated nozzle that atomizes water into a strong jet mist. This washes the body from head to toe thoroughly and quickly. The showerhead’s mode is adjustable through the handle.

Another key feature that made Cirrus Shower popular is its NanoFilters. While other filtering showerheads adopt a single layer of stones, Cirrus incorporates three. There are layers for Tourmaline stones, Far-IR stones and Germanium stones. These maintain pH levels, strain out particles and germs, and add a natural feel to the water, respectively.

The round stone container has a lifespan indicator and can be opened for replacement of contents. The NanoFilters last three months for a small household. Users who do not prefer the filter may opt for aromatherapy cartridges. Cirrus offers a range of therapeutic oils, each lasting eight minutes when used with the shower.

Lastly, the Cirrus Shower is also fresh in terms of design for it adopts a diamond-shaped head and a body that is available in chrome, black and champagne finishes. The target shipping date to its backers is November this year.

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