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High-frequency fish finders stand out

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Fish finder

Many models operate on 200kHz while some have dual frequencies. Color screens, GPS and an array of data representations add value to the selection.

    Fish finder


    Chongqing Bochi Machinery Import & Export Co. Ltd
    Chongqing Bochi’s model BMMNCMFF001 marine fish finder operates with 50 and 200kHz frequency. It has a 5.6in 8-color or multilevel-presentation TFT LCD screen. The available display options are A-scope, bottom-lock expansion, marker and bottom zoom. Compound temperature sensor option is available. The unit can be operated handsfree upon selecting automatic mode.

    Fish finder

    800x480-pixel resolution

    Lilliput Optoelectronics Technology Co. Ltd (Hong Kong)
    The 9in screen of Lilliput’s F906S model features an 800x480-pixel resolution. Single and dual-frequency, bottom zoom and -lock, and data record and playback display modes are selectable. The 50/200kHz fish finder shows waveform, depth, sensitivity, voltage, time, date and GPS information. The sonar unit has four colors with 32 grades, and 1/4, 1/3, 1/2, X1, X2 and X3 chart speeds. It works up to 1,200m deep. Automatic mode sets range, sensitivity and recording speed. The model alerts for depth, voltage, temperature and presence of fish in alarm mode. The NMEA 0183-compatible unit yields 600W.

    Fish finder

    UV-resistant LCD

    Shanghai Kingstronic Co. Ltd
    Shanghai Kingstronic’s K-FF70 model incorporates a 2.5in UV-resistant FSTN LCD that has a resolution of 128x64 pixels. The backlight uses white LEDs and can be switched on or off. The unit goes with a small round transducer bundled with a 7.5m cable. Sonar frequency is 200kHz and beam angle is 45 degrees. Sensitivity can be high or low. It has four levels of water resistance and depth range is from 2 to 240ft or 0.7 to 80m. Working temperature is -20 to 70 C. It is powered by four AAA alkaline batteries and has battery-saving mode and strength indicators. The unit comes with memory and fish alarm functions, and a mini compass.

    Fish finder

    ≤500m depth detection

    Shanghai Kingstronic Co. Ltd
    The K-FF688C model from Shanghai Kingstronic detects and identifies small and large fish up to 500m deep with 1/10 precision. It delivers 1,800W peak-to-peak power and 240W rms. The input voltage is 10 to 18VDC. The dual-beam fish finder has 83/200kHz sonar frequency. It is fitted with a 3.5in 16-level grayscale 320x240-pixel LED-backlit screen. Auto-zoom bottom tracking and quick manual zoom are supported. Stop chart, sonar chart mode and 100 sensitivity levels can be selected. The unit utilizes a side hull or transom-mount transducer.

    Fish finder

    Four grayscale levels

    Shenzhen Phiradar Technology Co. Ltd
    Shenzhen Phiradar’s model FF168W wireless fish finder integrates an LED-backlit 128x96 pixel display with four grayscale levels. The unit has bottom contour, water-temperature and battery-strength indicators and alarms. Users can choose among ten sensitivity levels and multiple depth ranges, the latter is from 2 to 100ft or 30m and is scanned with 1/10 precision. Meter and foot readouts, and quick manual and auto-zoom bottom tracking are supported. Stop chart option is present. The optional radio frequency is 433 or 315MHz while the sonar frequency is 125kHz. The model uses four AAA alkaline batteries for the main unit while the built-in Lithium battery is for the sonar sensor. It also has a smart cast sensor. To recharge the product, 5V is required.

    Fish finder

    Fish finder phone

    Shenzhen Phiradar Technology Co. Ltd
    The Sonar Phone SP100 model from Shenzhen Phiradar supports Wi-Fi and adopts iPhone or iPad display. Wireless connectivity is up to 90m. The model perceives 2 to 120ft or 0.6 to 40m depth, presence of fish, water temperature and surface clarity, and cancels noise. It uses fish icons, automatic ranging, zoom bottom tracking and keel offset setting. Depth, fish, shallow surface and low battery alarms are functional. The unit produces a 30-degree beam angle and operates with 125kHz sonar frequency and -20 to 80 C. It runs on a 3.7V rechargeable battery.

    Fish finder


    Shenzhen Sunsky Technology Ltd
    Shenzhen Sunsky offers the portable S-CA-7101 model with 2in display and green LED backlight. The fish finder is capable of simulation and battery-saving modes. It identifies weeds, rocks and water temperature. The unit scans 2 to 328ft or 0.6 to 100m depth with 1/10 precision. The sonar frequency is 200kHz. Fish alarm, feet and meter readouts, high and low sensitivity settings, and fish depth scale are available. Sonar waves are sent and received by a side hull, transom or float tube-mount transducer that yields a 45-degree beam angle. The echo transmitter cable is 7.6m long. The unit indicates the strength of its four AAA batteries that can last for 48 hours with the backlight off. The product has an IPX4 water-resistance rating and works between -20 and 70 C. It can accommodate custom artworks and company logos, and is packed in a color box.

    Fish finder

    0.3MP wide-angle camera

    Spornic Electronics Ltd
    The 0.3MP camera of Spornic’s FDV120-1 model delivers 720x480 pixels at 30fps and has a 130-degree focus angle. It supports night vision and makes use of IR light. The 3.5in 960x240-pixel TFT LCD shows a 120-degree angle. The backlight brightness is 300cd/sqm. Power comes from a 3,000mAh Lithium battery that lasts 8 to 9 hours. The device works up to 50m deep. It comes with a display holder and line roller.

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