Amazon Alexa locks doors

The smart home assistant now has an API that lets it work with some smart door locks.

March 10, 2017

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The smart home assistant now has an API that lets it work with some smart door locks.

The Amazon Echo speaker with compatible Schlage lock and Wink hub.
Image Source: Amazon, Schlage and Wink via TechHive

Amazon recently gave its Alexa smart home assistant a new “skill” that secures doors. The new API lets the Alexa-embedded Echo, Dot or Tap speaker relay the user’s commands to activate smart door locks, currently including models from Yale, Kwikset, Schlage, August and Vivint.

The voice assistant can’t unlock a door yet, though, unless it’s through August lock’s custom Alexa skill feature, according to CNET. The owner can only lock doors and check lock status through Alexa.

Amazon says it’s still looking at how to boost safety measures before letting Alexa open doors. Indeed, the technology for this must pass thorough testing and be aided by other security mechanisms, given that there have already been cases where voice control assistants granted home access to unauthorized persons.

Once the unlock feature is rolled out, Amazon, not stopping with just 10,000 skills, could again increase its lead in smart home interoperability.

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