Samsung keeps curved TVs alive

The company plans on releasing 22 new curved TVs in 2017.

March 31, 2017

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The company plans on releasing 22 new curved TVs in 2017.

Unlike other brands, Samsung has been surprisingly successful with its curved TVs. (Source: Samsung)

Curved TVs aren't dead yet. According to ET News, Samsung plans on releasing 22 new curved TVs this year in spite of the fact that competitors Sony and LG have abandoned them. Since curved TVs have not sold as well as companies had hoped, it makes sense that some would abandon the market. Now that Samsung is the only premium brand left offering them, it might make more economic sense.

Samsung might have a little more leeway to work with in the TV market. “Although global TV markets are stagnant, markets for premium TVs that are 60in or bigger are continuing to grow every year between 20 and 30 percent," a Samsung representative told ET News. Recognizing demand for the company’s larger TVs, Samsung's new curved TVs will be between 65 and 88in.

Although enough people appear to still be interested in curved TVs to sustain Samsung's production of them, the longevity of the format is less clear. Curved TVs were marketed as offering a more immersive experience, but users ultimately found them frustrating because of glare and poor viewing angles. When several people are watching one screen in a living room, this becomes a problem.

The curved screen concept still works in certain contexts. The popularity of IMAX screens might have helped lead to the production of curved TVs. Screens in theaters are so much larger, though, that viewing angles aren't a problem.

In some home settings, the curved screen concept can still work. Curved monitors have become popular among some consumer groups such as gamers. Computer monitors are unique, however, because they are usually only being watched by one person sitting directly in front of it. So while Samsung wants to keep large curved screens in the home, their real future might be in products that are a bit smaller.

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