Smart mirrors are coming back

A new company has released three new Bluetooth mirrors for different uses.

January 30, 2017

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A new company has released three new Bluetooth mirrors for different uses.

The Vero smart mirror can play audio, push through phone calls and defog itself (Source: Viio)

Smart mirrors are not something that have gotten much attention lately, but they were visible throughout 2016 in various forms. A home project from a Google engineer that showed Google Now information on a bathroom mirror helped spur a lot of creativity in this area, but then things quieted down. Now, a new company called Viio is trying its hand at it.

Viio makes three different kinds of connected mirrors. The Vezzo is a rectangular mirror that measures 24x32in, Vero is a round version with a 30in diameter and Vetta is a full-body mirror measuring 24x64in.

The mirrors all have Bluetooth 4.0 that connects to a user's smartphone. They have two-way speakers so users can play music through the mirror or take a phone call. The Vezzo and Vero, which are made for the bathroom, also have anti-fog so they can clear up quickly after a shower.

Unlike the prototype mirror using Google Now, the Viio mirrors do not display information such as weather and a user's calendar. People looking for that kind of futuristic mirror will have to search elsewhere. The mirrors do have LED lighting, though.

Some smart mirrors coming out of China today include the ability to display information or double as a TV. The Viio mirrors might not look as cool, but they are still useful for those who are looking for a convenient way to listen to music or the news in the morning. They are also probably cheaper to produce, making it easier to get a smart mirror in every home.

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