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Makers emphasize higher insertion loss, smaller forms in EMI filters

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EMI filter

The MEEJ model from Meisongbei has a single-stage L circuit and requires flange mounting. It has 2x0.075mH inductance.

Enhanced product performance and miniaturization drive R&D. Companies use better components and advanced equipment.

EMI filter manufacturers in China are improving device reliability while pursuing further miniaturization. They underscore insertion loss, working to exceed 70dB, which is the maximum value achieved in the local industry. Typical units have 2 to 40dB.

To realize the first goal, companies adopt circuit structures that match various input impedance levels. In applications with a high level of the last, they use Pi or its multistage version displaying elevated output impedance. LC or multistage variants with low load impedance are also an option.

For requirements with minimal source impedance, suppliers utilize LC or its multistage type with greater output impedance, or T and multistage kinds with reduced load impedance.

To ensure better product performance, capacitors, inductors and resistors are selected based on the requirements of circuit configurations. Besides the type, manufacturers likewise consider the source of these electronic components. They turn to Taiwan and Japan providers, mainly Yageo and Murata, for inputs used in upscale EMI filters.

The passive components are key to attaining smaller EMI filters as well. In addition, suppliers employ high-precision surface-mount and winding machines imported from Japan and Germany. They target to release 25x25mm units. Meisongbei Electronics Co. Ltd’s most compact model mounted on a PCB is 26x26mm.

At present, popular types in the local selection measure 50 to 250mm in length and 40 to 110mm in width. These come in rectangular, square and cylindrical variants.

Makers are advancing the line to take advantage of the projected demand increase in coming months. They expect a 5 to 10 percent boost, particularly from the power supply sector.

The category, which constitutes the largest application of EMI filters, is predicted to sustain 40 percent sales growth this year, ensuring a robust market.

China companies also hope to benefit from climbing motor shipments and medical electronics revenue in coming months. The former segment will rise by 22 percent and the second by 10 percent.

Suppliers are looking to higher requirement from computer and telecom products, and home appliances as well.

These industry developments are anticipated to strengthen China’s share of global EMI filter output, which currently stands at 30 percent.

Businesses see a 5 to 10 percent improvement in export volume in 1H13 alone. They continue to ship products to major overseas destinations Europe and the US. Slow demand, however, is encouraging makers to expand reach in Southeast Asia, South America and the Middle East.

More than 250 suppliers make up the line. The majority are small and midsize locally owned operations and trading companies. Guangdong Fenghua and ShenzhenSunlord are among the key local players.

Foreign-invested businesses, mostly from Taiwan and Hong Kong, represent 20 percent of the manufacturing pool.

Guangdong province is the production hub, playing host to 60 percent of the enterprises. The provinces of Zhejiang and Jiangsu are the other major locations.

In addition to EMI filters, makers turn out other electronic components such as capacitors, coils, resistors, transformers, inductors and ferrite cores.

Types by circuit configuration

EMI filter

EMI filters from China are categorized based on circuit structure. The choices are C, L, LC, T and Pi kinds. Power supplies are the key application.

Units suppress 10kHz to 1GHz RF interference, especially common- and differential-mode problems in 150kHz to 30MHz. They have 50 to 200VDC or 110 to 250VAC, 50/60Hz and 1 to 50A ratings.

Typical capacitance ranges from 2,000pF to 5μF and inductance 10μH to 5mH. The devices operate in -25 to 85 C.

LC and L variants dominate output of Hefei Shirui Electronic Technology Co. Ltd and Meisongbei, respectively.

Products comply with various standards, including CE, CSA, FCC, REACH, RoHS, UL and VDE.

EMI filters require mainly capacitors, resistors, inductors, copper wire, PCBs and housings. The last comes in iron or stainless steel. These materials and components are locally sourced.

Despite the increase in the cost of inputs, particularly of copper wire, capacitors and inductors, and the appreciating yuan, suppliers are keeping prices steady due to intense competition.

Product gallery

EMI filter

Hefei Shirui Electronic Technology Co. Ltd
(mainland China)

Model: SR-10B22LN
MOQ: 500 units
Delivery: 10 days
Description: 250VAC, 1 to 15A; 4x1mH inductance; 2Mohm resistance; 3x0.22μF Cx capacity, 2x3,300pF Cy capacity; bleeder resistor optional; IEC 320 socket; versions for medical equipment available

EMI filter

High & Low Corp.

Model: SS3 Series
Description: General-purpose or medical-grade type; 1 to 10A; SPST switch; screw version with IEC inlet socket, power switch; 1U; custom components available

EMI filter

Shanghai Avionics Corp.
(mainland China)

Model: DNF51
MOQ: Negotiable
Description: 440VAC, 16A; 3x1.2mH inductance; 3x1Mohm resistance; 6x1μF Cx, 2x4.7nF Cy capacity; 3-phase/3-wire or 3-phase/4-wire configuration

EMI filter

Yunpen Electronic Co. Ltd

Model: YC-T1 (1)
Description: General-purpose type; line-to-line, line-to-ground noise suppression; 250 FastOn terminals; CSA, UL

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