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Monocrystalline panels lead small but expanding solar pump systems line

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Hydroponic system pump

More products adopt brushless motors for reduced wear and tear, longer service life and lower noise.


  • Small but growing line: No more than 10 percent of China's pump systems run on solar energy. But the share will continue to increase on the back of the government’s subsidy to the solar industry.
  • Typical inclusions: Products from China consist of the pump, controller, solar panels and brackets. The pump runs on either AC or DC, the former type bundled with an inverter that is usually in a controller box. DC pumps are used for small or midsize applications with 2W to 2kW power at 6 to 36V and 4 to 75L/min water flow. AC pumps are rated at 2 to 6kW and 110 to 380V, with a water flow rate exceeding 500L/min. The vertical lift of both types is 1 to 100m, and service life 3 to 10yr.
  • Monocrystalline panels lead: Over 80 percent of systems use this type, and the rest are based on polycrystalline variants. The panels are made in-house or sourced domestically. The conversion rate of local inputs now reaches 19 percent, 2 percent higher than three years ago.
  • Brushless motors popular: For the pump, more new models utilize brushless motors instead of brushed kinds to reduce wear and tear and consequently, extend the pump’s service life. The former also reduce the noise to below 35dB. Some releases adopt isolation motors that can be used underwater.
  • Applications: Products are designed for garden fountains, landscaping, livestock drinking water and small irrigation projects. Some high-power models of above 100kW are suitable for large-area irrigation and are compatible with universal-type AC motors.

    Hydroponic system pump


    Alnew Technology Co. Ltd
    Model: TF2480
    Description: Monocrystalline silicon solar panels; for 4in or larger wells; 144 to 1,440W; 24VDC; 45L/min flow rate; 76mm intake, 32mm outlet sizes; 18,000rpm rotation speed; corrosion-resistant housing with stainless steel fasteners; 50 mesh stainless steel inlet screen; IP68 rating

    Hydroponic system pump

    Guangzhou Future Solar Technology Co. Ltd
    Model: FS-S614
    Description: Monocrystalline silicon solar panels; 3kW solar power; 200W; 750Ah 48V battery; 100A 48V controller; 110/220V, 50/60Hz output; 480x275x462mm; RoHS

    Hydroponic system pump

    Ruiher Alternative Energy Co. Ltd
    Model: 4PSS2-4
    Description: Mono or polycrystalline silicon solar panels; six panels; 100W 13.3V per panel; >90% motor efficiency; 200m diving depth; stainless steel housing; 4.5m³/hr maximum flow; 50m maximum head; 1.25, 1.5 or 2in outlet; CE

    Hydroponic system pump

    Sunshine Tree Co. Ltd
    Model: SW620FL
    Description: Mono or polycrystalline silicon solar panels; for ornamental fountains, statuaries; 2W; 6V; fish-safe; four nozzle types; fixed or floating; 250L/h water flow rate; 43in maximum fountain height; two white LEDs switch on automatically at night via light sensor; wall or ground mount; CE, UL, SAA, RoHS

    Hydroponic system pump

    Taizhou Seekco Fluid Control Technology Co. Ltd
    Model: S1006
    Description: 2 to 12L/min flow rate; 6 bar working pressure; 0 to 10 bar pressure gauge; 6m pump head; G1/2 or G3/4in or 22mm connection size, or custom size; EPP preformed shell insulation

    Hydroponic system pump

    Xiamen Solar First Energy Technology Co. Ltd
    Model: SF-SWP-5.5KW
    Description: 33 polycrystalline solar panels; 240W; 18 200Ah 12V deep-cycle free-maintenance acid batteries; 5.5kW 380VAC pump; 30m³/hr; 9kW inverter

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