Gallery View: PCBs with four & above layers

China's multilayer PCBs come in as many as 68 layers and use a range of base materials and surface finishes.

August 04, 2017

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China's multilayer PCBs come in as many as 68 layers and use a range of base materials and surface finishes.

There are 4 to 68-layer PCBs that can be sourced from China suppliers. Units with four and six layers dominate output, while 8 and 12-layer kinds are currently hot. These have 0.2mm minimum line width and spacing, 0.1mm minimum hole size and 0.2 to 0.8mm board thickness.

Various base materials are used and include FR-4, high-Tg FR-4, aluminum, polyimide, copper, Rogers, PTFE, PPO and PPE. In finishes, HAL, lead-free HAL, ENIG, immersion gold, tin and silver, OSP and flash gold are among the choices.

Makers ensure products comply with relevant standards such as CE, RoHS and UL.

All manufacturing inputs come from the local supply. The key providers include Shengyi Technology and Kingboard Chemical. Some companies also source FR-4 and polyimide abroad.

Material costs rose last year, resulting in 10 to 20 percent higher prices. Although the trend may continue next year, most suppliers are predicting the adjustment will be slight.

Here is a selection of multilayer PCBs from China.

4-layer FR-4 PCB uses immersion gold

The XDHY-170606-01 model from Guangdong Xingda Hongye Electronic Co. Ltd is a 4-layer PCB with an FR-4 base and immersion gold surface finish. It has blind, buried or micro/laser-drilled vias and selective plating.

An order of 12 units has a 3-day delivery lead time.

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6-layer Tg180 FR-4 PCB with lead-free HASL

Shenzhen X-Mulong Circuit Co. Ltd's XML170508M10 model is a 6-layer PCB with a Tg180 FR-4 base, lead-free HASL surface finish, 4.4oz copper and green solder mask. Board thickness is 1.6mm±10 percent.

The unit has 16mil and 21mil minimum line width and spacing, and as small as 0.5mm holes with 35µm minimum copper.

The maker requires an order of 100 units for delivery within 14 days.

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PCB adopts EM-888K thermal conductive laminate

Sunshine Global Circuits Co. Ltd offers a multilayer PCB, 16Lhighspeedlinecard model, adopting an EM-888K thermal conductive laminate and ENIG surface finish. Board thickness is 2.4mm.

The 280x322mm unit with 12:1 aspect ratio has 3.93mil minimum line width and spacing, and as small as 0.1mm drill hits and 0.25mm pads. The board can be backdrilled at multiple depths by up to six times from both sides.

The negotiable minimum order has a delivery lead time of 10 days.

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8-layer PCB adopts Rogers R04350+Tg170 FR-4 base

This 8-layer PCB with immersion gold surface finish from Viasion Technology Co. Ltd, GS2 model, has a Rogers R04350+Tg170 FR-4 base and 1oz copper.

The 1.6mm-thick unit has drilled blind holes on layers 1 to 2 and 7 to 8.

The minimum order is negotiable. Delivery lead time is 5 days.

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