Gallery View: Speakers get smart, handy

Standouts double as smart assistants, phones and chargers, and have compact and unusual shapes.

September 06, 2017

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Standouts double as smart assistants, phones and chargers, and have compact and unusual shapes.

New China-made speakers can do a lot aside from playing sounds. Releases that work as FM radios, clocks and handsfree phones are increasing in supply. These stream music and receive calls from mobile devices through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Pairing range goes beyond 10m. A few models also use NFC.

Speakers that double as smart voice-controlled hubs, gadget chargers and plant pots are on the rise. A number of products integrate Amazon’s Alexa assistant that listens to voice commands for getting audio, video and news,and ordering food from online platforms. Gadget-charging speakers are power banks or wireless docks while models doubling as planters adopt self-watering technology and colorful LEDs.

Speakers are also becoming more portable. Some designs are compact, round or curved. These can fit inside pockets and are light enough to be hung on backpacks or mounted on bicycles. Others plug into mobile phones.

Below is a gallery of recently released speakers from China suppliers.

Plug-in speaker power bankNEW!

The K-003 model from Roiskin Electrical Technology Co. Ltd is a patented plug-in Bluetooth speaker that functions as a 6,000mAh power bank. Output is 5VDC 2.5A. On standby, the unit can last 48 hours. It is encased in a flame-retardant PC shell and can have a US, Australia, UK or EU plug. Color options are black and blue.

2-in-1 speaker charges gadgetsNEW!

Shenzhen U-Angel Technology Co. Ltd’s BS024 model is a 2-in-1 speaker that utilizes Bluetooth 2.1+EDR and A2DP. It pairs up to 10m and plays music up to 12 hours. The speaker doubles as a 5,200mAh power bank for various gadgets. Charging takes five hours. Input and output are both at 5V 1A, separation is 65dB or higher and distortion is 0.5 percent at 1W and 1kHz while operating frequency is 2.4 to 2.49GHz. The 148.22x84.5x32.5mm product has a 4R3W speaker unit and weighs 295.5g. Warranty is 12 months.

Resembles car tireNEW!

This model BS025 Bluetooth 2.1+EDR speaker that looks like a car tire is also from Shenzhen U-Angel Technology Co. Ltd. It supports A2DP and 100Hz to 18kHz working frequency. The model integrates a 4R3W speaker unit and syncs with devices within 10m, streaming music up to three hours. It also packs 600mAh and is fully charged in two hours. The speaker has 5V 1A input and output, more than 70dB separation and 0.5 percent distortion at 1W and 1kHz. The product measures 61x61x60mm, weighs 148g and comes with a 12-month warranty.

Portable, lights upNEW!

Playing music up to eight hours on medium volume, Dongguan Rongheng Electronic Technology Co. Ltd’s model BS-04 portable speaker also lights up in various hues. It is fitted with LEDs and a 3.7V 2,300mAh lithium battery. The speaker pairs with devices up to 10m via Bluetooth 4.0, and can be connected through its 5VDC USB port and 3.5mm stereo audio cable. Output is 5+5W.

Switches to headphone outputNEW!

Dongguan Rongheng Electronic Technology Co. Ltd’s model BS-08 links up PSPs, tablet PCs, mobile phones and other devices through Bluetooth or line-in. It can switch to headphone output for disturbance-free listening, take handsfree calls via its microphone and play directly WMA files from a memory card. There is a built-in FM radio module for convenient auto-scanning and saving of radio channels.

Tells news, orders pizza via Amazon Alexa

iBuild Co. Ltd’s MS3 model is a portable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi speaker that searches for information, gets news and orders pizza using Amazon’s Alexa Voice Service on one tap of its microphone button. It can also play the user’s favorite song, accept requests for a specific music genre or mood and obtain album information via Amazon Music.

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Mini speaker connects to iPhone

Dazec Electronic Co. Ltd’s TZ-BM2 model is a mini 2W Bluetooth 4.1 speaker that plugs into an iPhone. It works on 3.7 to 4.2VDC, runs on a 200mAh battery and supports two to three hours of playback. The speaker measures 34x28.5mm and weighs 33g.

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True wireless stereo Bluetooth speaker

The model SP-136-PS true wireless stereo speaker offered by Newtech Electronics Ltd is Bluetooth 4.2-enabled. It plays music for four to five hours. Frequency response ranges from 20Hz to 20kHz. The unit’s 40mm-diameter speaker driver yields 2x3W RMS power. The battery packs 500mAh and becomes fully charged in two to three hours.

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IPX7-rated fabric Bluetooth speaker

Shenzhen Acore Technology Co. Ltd also offers the model A50 Bluetooth 4.2 speaker made of ABS, silicon and common or IPX7 water-resistant fabric. It takes handsfree calls, operating up to 10m. The unit works as an FM radio that can have LEDs that sync to music or a power bank with a 3.7V 4,400mA or 2,200mAh battery. Input and output are 2x6W RMS and 5V/2A. Full charging is three hours. The 450g 225x137x45mm speaker has S/N and distortion ratios of 85dB or higher and 0.5 percent or less, and frequency response of 100Hz to 20kHz. Its 52mm horn yields 4ohm. TF card storage, line-in and USB are supported.

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With 4,400mah power bank, FM radio

Designed for outdoor use, Shenzhen Acore Technology Co. Ltd’s A30 IPX7 water-resistant Bluetooth 4.2 speaker is also a 4,400mah power bank and FM radio. It answers calls handsfree and supports line-in, TF card or USB. The speaker works up to 10m and four hours, with 2x6W RMS input and 5V/2A output. Charging via microUSB port takes three hours. S/N and distortion ratios can exceed 85dB and be under 0.5 percent, respectively. Frequency response is from 100Hz to 20kHz. The TPU and ABS speaker uses a 45mm horn that delivers 4ohm. Product dimensions are 172x74x51mm and weight is 260g.

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Plugs into tablet, smartphone

The BH-Audio-001 model from Shenzhen Bobotel Technology Dev. Co. Ltd is a mini speaker that emits amplified sounds and connects to any 3.5mm audio device, including tablets and smartphones. Its Li-ion battery and audio line are built in.

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Enhanced bass

iVita Technology Ltd’s model Q22 Bluetooth 3.0+EDR speaker for smartphones and tablets enhances bass. It supports HFP, A2DP, AVRCP, three- to five-hour playback, 10m transmission, line-in and TF card. Frequency is 150Hz to 18kHz. S/N ratio is 80dB or higher while impedance is 4ohm. With a leather strap, the 78x34mm 3W metal speaker is portable. Its built-in microphone is for handsfree functions. The product runs on 5VDC and a 600mAh lithium battery. It comes in gold, silver and black.

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NFC, DSP technology

Shenzhen Easy Core Technology Co. Ltd’s model A3 IPX7 water-resistant Bluetooth 4.0 stereo speaker supports DSP technology, NFC connection and 3.5mm line-in. The pocket-sized ultrathin wireless unit answers calls handsfree, transmitting from 10 to 15m. It has double horn, super bass and ultrasubwoofer stereo audio. Frequency response starts at 75Hz and reaches 25kHz. S/N ratio exceeds 98dB while L/R distortion is at 0.65 and 0.68 percent. With 2,200mAh polymer batteries, the model provides five to six hours of music playing or line-in. The speaker unit is 40mm in diameter and the sleek housing is in aluminum alloy and silica gel. Overall product size and weight are 179x72x30mm and 320g.

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Mounts on bicycles

Shenzhen Epoch Development Electronics Co. Ltd released the model EBS-505 IPX7 water-resistant 6W Bluetooth 4.1 speaker that operates up to 20m. The plastic and TPU rugged unit has a mounting hole for bicycles. With a built-in rechargeable 2,000mAh lithium battery, it can play music more than 24 hours and from a TF card. MP3, FLAC, APE and Wave are the supported formats. Audio input is wireless+AUX-in. A microphone is integrated for handsfree calls. The 135x50x68mm speaker adopts a passive radiator and bass enhancer. Its speaker unit is 52mm in diameter.

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Transparent FM radio

The 200x55x82mm model SDY033 speaker released by Shenzhen Hugh ANG Electronic Co. Ltd is also a high-sensitivity FM radio. Inside its transparent PC and ABS casing are the antenna and LCD that shows time, line-in and FM radio functions, and charging and Bluetooth statuses. The speaker, Bluetooth-controlled in 15 to 20m, takes calls handsfree via the microphone and plays MP3, WMA, WAV, PE and FLAC files. It can also access music via USB or TF card. Output is 5W RMS and impedance is 4ohm. The unit has a frequency response of 80Hz to 20kHz and 0.3 percent distortion. S/N ratio is 90dB or higher for line-out. A rechargeable 1,800mAh lithium battery, good for four to 12 hours of operation, is built in. There is an external 5V USB power supply. Speaker color options are black and white.

Supports true wireless stereo

Also from Shenzhen Epoch Development Electronics Co. Ltd is the model EBS-603 Bluetooth 4.1 true wireless stereo speaker. Connecting up to 20m and powered by a rechargeable 1,800mAh lithium battery, it plays music up to 24 hours. The 2x5W speaker has a microphone built in for handsfree phone calls, and a passive radiator, bass enhancer and 40mm speaker unit. Audio input is wireless+AUX-in and impedance is 4ohm. The 60x65x180mm TPU rugged speaker adopts plastic and fabric, and is IPX4 splash-resistant.

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360-degree rotating alarm clock

Shenzhen E-Ran Technology Co. Ltd’s model BS09 Bluetooth speaker doubles as an alarm clock and FM radio. Its Digitron display rotates 360 degrees, and shows time and power level. The unit supports handsfree calling and audio playing via TF card. It incorporates a Jerry chipset, 45mm-diameter 5W 4ohm speaker driver, passive radiator and 1,800mAh battery good for five to six hours of music. Made of ABS and aluminum alloy, the speaker measures 109.2x48.5x97mm and weighs 320g. It comes in silver, black, rose gold or gun color.

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Solar speaker with lamps, KTV microphone

Shenzhen Hiper Song Electronic Technology Co. Ltd has a 220x140x148mm solar speaker, the HS-BT1510 model. It uses a 3W solar panel and 3.7V 6,000mAh battery. The Bluetooth 3.0-enabled unit comes with a KTV microphone, remote control, microphone conversion connector, 2W LED bulbs and cables. Functions include microphone reverberation, voice recording, FM radio and two-USB power bank. The 5W speaker driver measures 5in. The shell is in gray, white or silver ABS and leather in customized color.

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Piano, flowerpot speaker

Shenzhen Leegotech Electronic Co. Ltd’s model K3 speaker doubles as a self-watering pot that emits piano sounds when touched and various hues of light. It pairs via Bluetooth up to 10m and plays music up to 12 hours. The unit’s 1,200mah battery reaches full charge in four hours. Product size is 114x114x117mm. The 5W 3ohm speaker is 50mm in diameter.

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Built-in hi-fi amplifier

Shenzhen Hiper Song Electronic Technology Co. Ltd’s HS-BT658 model integrates a hi-fi amplifier, power and master volume control knobs, 1x3+2x2.25in speaker units, 180x120x115mm subwoofer and 88x76x63mm satellite. It is compatible with PCs, VCDs, DVDs, CDs, tuners, tapes and TVs. Power output and supply are 5+2.5Wx2 and 220VDC. The speaker has a 65dB or higher S/N ratio and 50 to 20kHz frequency response.

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10-minute solar charging

When charged via its 5V/200mA solar panel in 10 minutes or if its 2,400mAh battery is full, Shenzhen Interaction Technology Co. Ltd’s patented ES-T60 Solar Bluetooth Speaker model can play music 30 minutes or 30 hours, respectively. Charging input is 5V/1A. The unit runs on 3 to 4.2V, delivers 2x4.5W and transmits up to 10m, supporting Bluetooth 4.0+EDR. AAC, MP3 and SBC stereo are the audio modes. Ratio of audio to noise is 75dB or higher. Distortion is 0.1 percent or less and frequency response is from 130Hz to 18kHz. The speaker is dust-, shock- and IPX5 water-resistant. Its outer rubber sheath has a lid that protects the Bluetooth and AUX input, and output ports. An LED light with normal, burst, flashing and SOS modes is also integrated. The speaker has a sticker that attaches it firmly to a bicycle. A separate compatible bike holder can be purchased.

LED alarm clock

Doubling as an alarm clock, Shenzhen Klivien Electronics Co. Ltd's model A6C Bluetooth 3.0 speaker displays time via its LED screen. It also alerts for handsfree calls, connecting up to 10m. Also an FM radio, it plays music up to eight hours and from a U-disk or TF card. The remote-controlled unit is equipped with a 2x3W hi-fi loudspeaker and touch key. It works with USB-powered PCs or Li-ion battery devices, including MP3/MP4 players with 3.5mm signal outputs. The 135x140x130mm speaker has a 70Hz to 19kHz frequency response and 4ohm rating. S/N ratio can go beyond 80dB. The product draws power from a 1,800mAh lithium battery. Charging voltage is 5VDC.

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Portable FM radio

With Bluetooth and working range of 10m, Shenzhen Liansheng Technology Co. Ltd’s model ML 95 10W speaker streams music wirelessly from any paired mobile phone, notebook, iPhone, iPad or PC. It moonlights as an FM radio and is also capable of playing audio from CDs, DVDs, USB and TF and SDI cards. Line- and AUX-in are supported. An 18650 lithium battery is built in.

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Bluetooth or Wi-Fi

Connectivity options of Shenzhen Lingchen Technology Co. Ltd’s YF801S model are Bluetooth 3.0 or Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n 1T1R, and distance is from 10 to 50m. The 2x5W speaker is rated 4ohm, having 2.412 to 2.484GHz frequency and 85dB or higher S/N ratio. It uses a 4,500mAh battery that can be powered in five to six hours with a voltage of 5VDC. Each charge supports four to five hours of operation.

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Power bank

The model H70 Bluetooth 4.0 speaker from Shenzhen Locitech Co. Ltd is an FM radio, alarm clock and power bank. Its big LCD presents time, temperature and humidity while its USB port is for charging devices. The unit plays music from an SD card or USB. Inside it are the Mvsilicon audio decoding chip and stereo class D amplifier. Frequency response is 100Hz to 18KHz. S/N ratio can exceed 70dBA while distortion is 1 percent or lower. The driver unit is 2x40mm in diameter. The 2x3W speaker is housed in ABS with a water-transfer printed wood look. It requires 5VDC/2,000mA input and yields 5VDC/1,200mA output.

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Touch controls, heavy bass

Shenzhen Manhattan Electronics Co. Ltd’s patented model BT858 Bluetooth 3.0 speaker features touch controls on its sleek TPE surface. It uses two imported 52mm speaker drivers and supports heavy bass, handsfree calls, USB charging, AUX, FM radio and NFC. The unit transmits from 10 to 15m. Distortion is less than 0.5 percent on 1kHz/2W/3.7V. The 10W 220x85x80mm portable speaker can use a TF card. Its chocolate container-inspired ABS and UV-resistant housing comes in black, deep black, blue, red or white. The battery packs 2,000mAh.

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Sea snail-shaped

The model BT228-7188 6W Bluetooth 3.0 speaker from Shenzhen Manhattan Electronics Co. Ltd is curved like a sea snail’s shell. The patented portable wireless unit has a smooth TPE touch surface, two imported 52mm speaker drivers and a TF card slot. Functions are heavy bass, FM radio, AUX and handsfree calls. Transmission is within 10 to 15m and can be by NFC. On 1KHz/2W/3.7V, distortion does not exceed 5 percent. The product gets power from a 2,000mAh battery rechargeable via USB. It is made of ABS and UV-resistant material.

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Portable, can be paired

Connected by Bluetooth 4.2, Shenzhen Qianhai Cooostar Technology Co. Ltd’s i6 model can be paired with another speaker. The 50x50x94mm speaker is portable. It is made through private tooling.

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Wireless charger for mobile phones

The model WN1 4ohm 15W speaker from Shenzhen Smacat Electronic Technology Co. Ltd works as a wireless charging station that allows phone use during recharge. It has 10m Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, 5W RMS output, and adopts A2DP, AVRCP, HFP and HSP. Frequency response and operating ranges are 150Hz to 20kHz and 110 to 205kHz, respectively. S/N ratio is 80 to 86dB. The 205x118x155mm speaker comes with a 3.5mm-jack audio cable, 100 to 240VAC at 50/60Hz and 5V 3,000mA power adapter, charging connector and user manual. Input voltage and current is 5VDC 2A/9V 1.8A.

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Cylindrical acoustic speaker

The T102-VigourBox model, a Bluetooth 4.0+EDR speaker from Shenzhen Tranbel Technology Co. Ltd, comes in a cylindrical acoustic tube that has power, talk, previous, next, play/pause and volume+/- buttons. Its stereo speaker delivers 10+10W. The 173x73x70mm product’s frequency response, S/N ratio and distortion are 60Hz to 20kHz, 80dB or higher, 1 percent or less, respectively. The internal Li-ion battery packs 4,000mAh for up to six hours of audio. It can be charged on 5V in three to four hours. A USB and AUX cable, and user manual are included in the package.

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1,000mAh emergency power supply

Shenzhen Qianhai Patuoxun Network & Technology Co. Ltd’s model MPBH063BL Bluetooth speaker can rely on its 1,000mAh emergency power for continuous operation when the battery gets drained. Playback exceeds 10 hours. The unit adopts a 5W driver and passive radiator for dynamic sounds. With A2DP or AVRCP, it streams rich bass. The speaker is IPX5 splash-resistant. It does not accumulate dust and get damaged by shock.

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Fits pocket, hangs on backpack

Shenzhen Miqi Electronic Co. Ltd’s Bluetooth speaker MQ-BT10 model is light enough to be kept in a pocket or attached to a backpack. The Bluetooth 4.2 speaker can handle phone calls. It uses a TF card, USB flash drive and 5W power amplifier. Input is 5V 500mA.

7-mode LED lights

Shenzhen Peicheng Technology Co. Ltd’s model QPS-MSI-06D speaker flashes its LEDs while playing music. Users can select from seven light modes. The 2x5W speaker auto-remembers the last song played and mode it is in. The model is compatible with MP3/MP4, FM, USB, mobile phones, PCs, microSD cards and U-disks. Stereo output is 10W. Made of plastic, the product integrates a 2,800mA Li-ion battery and a 3.5-pin AUX-in port.

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