A new smart ring prioritizes notifications

The ring gives users the ability to control what kind of content they want pushed through immediately.

May 25, 2017

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The ring gives users the ability to control what kind of content they want pushed through immediately.

The rings use a lab-created sapphire and spinel gems for the top surface. (Source: Triing)

The wearables market has been somewhat stagnant recently. There's renewed focus on smartwatches and activity tracking wristbands are still popular, but new product categories have languished. Smart glasses are getting some attention among athletes, but no one is making an earnest push to replace smart watches with something more unique. That makes Montreal's Triing one of the only companies that thinks it can achieve all the utility of other wearables with a smart ring.

Triing has launched Modulaj smart ring on Kickstarter with a goal of CA$95,000. The campaign is off to a slow start relative to some of the more successful Kickstarters that have launched in the past, but that might say something about what people think of smart rings.

Smart rings aren't new. A search on Global Sources will show China manufacturers have been in this game for a while. The way Modulaj works, though, could make it more practical than some smart rings that have come before it. Triing says the Modulaj "organizes and filters data feeds," pushing necessary information to the user based on priority.

The user can customize vibration and LED settings to determine what kind of alert is coming through. Modulaj will prioritize certain kinds of notifications like phone calls, which can be silenced with a tap. Users can also initiate fake phone calls and send an SOS message with the ring to get out of certain situations.

The top surface of the ring is lab-created sapphire and spinel gemstones. Inside, there's a Cortex M4F processor, a haptic interface and 3-axis accelerometer. The ring also has an IP5 water-resistance rating.

Modulaj has a "super early adopter" price of CA$235, which is about $172. There are $150 smart watches that are more functional, which might be why this ring is having a hard time attracting attention at this early stage. The Modulaj ring is arguably more fashionable than a smart watch, which should help. It's also notable since there hasn't been much innovation in smart rings, which is something that should change. Consumers will have to decide whether Triing is the company to carry this product category forward, however.

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