World’s first graphene lime-based paint

Graphenstone’s paint features high strength and conductivity, and can purify air.

June 14, 2017

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Graphenstone’s paint features high strength and conductivity, and can purify air.

Image Source: Graphenstone, Woodworking Network

Graphene, dubbed as a “wonder material” for it is many times stronger than steel yet lighter than a feather and pliable, is getting more interesting with new uses. The revolutionary material incorporated in production of durable and flexible mobile phones, wearables, and smart bulbs, clothing and semi-transparent electronics has now made its way into lime-based paint.

From UK-based paint manufacturer Graphenstone, the new kind of paint made of 98 percent processed limestone and infused with graphene is expected to be very thin yet strong when applied. A single layer painted on a surface evens out its hue by itself as lime hardens it. The resulting coating can resist corrosion.

In addition, it is said that with the paint there can be less reliance on heat-managing systems in a home or building because graphene can also conduct electricity. This new characteristic of paint has already made it into the news recently and can be done without graphene. There are already a few researchers who came up with thermoelectric paint that can power homes and cars in the future. The graphene and lime-based paint, though, has an additional capability. It can take in carbon dioxide to sterilize the air.

As regards price, the innovative coating could be more expensive than regular paint given that mass-producing graphene with less effort and cost still has a long way to go. Also, researchers have yet to improve the yield’s size and quality.

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