Gallery View: 3D printers for personal, professional applications

South Korea companies harness benefits of mainstream FDM and DLP 3D printer technologies for diverse market needs.

March 03, 2017

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South Korea companies harness benefits of mainstream FDM and DLP 3D printer technologies for diverse market needs.

South Korea suppliers of 3D printers offer three major types, matching each’s technology advantages with specific application requirements to ensure greater market penetration.

Units based on fused deposition modelling or FDM, which is still the most common and cheapest method, target personal users and continue to dominate production. These include fused filament fabrication or FFF variants.

For professionals such as jewelry makers, there are printers that employ digital light processing or DLP. The selection includes models that come with UV lamps for faster post-curing, or stand-alone machines with own OS.

More-expensive kinds adopting selective laser sintering or SLS technique are offered to manufacturers of molding products.

3D printers that process biomaterials can also be sourced from South Korea.

Most companies welcome single-unit orders.

The products in this gallery have been handpicked by our South Korea-based market analyst for representing current trends in 3D printers.

FFF, single nozzle, dual extruders

FFF, single nozzle, dual extruders

Based on FDM/FFF technology, model Meister G1000 3D printer from 3D Box Inc. is capable of 700x700x1,000mm build size, 0.01mm precision and 0.05mm maximum layer thickness. It has a 0.7mm nozzle and dual extruders.

The 110 to 220V model uses Main-Eastman Amphora 3D Polymer or any water-soluble filament, and is compatible with Simplify3D software. It measures 995x995x1,500mm and weighs 200kg. Price is $25,000. The company accepts an order of 1 unit for delivery within 30 days.

UV DLP, embedded OS

UV DLP, embedded OS

This DLP 3D printer, G Printer (1EA) model, from Gooo3D Co. Ltd, has a build size of 128x80x145mm, x/y resolution of 100µm, and layer thickness options of 25, 50 and 100µm. It features a UV light that speeds up the post-cure process.

The unit accepts standard and castable photopolymer resins, which the maker can provide in red, blue and translucent variants. It runs on an embedded OS and adopts G Printer Studio slicer software. Power comes from 100 to 240V, 50/60Hz, 18A supply.

The machine is 266x340x415mm and 10kg. It is quoted at $6,000. An order of 1 unit is accepted and has a 45-day deliverylead time.

FDM, for personal use

FDM, for personal use

OTS' Deltabot-K-CU model is an FDM 3D printer designed for personal use. It is compatible with PLA, ABS, PCL, HIPS, PC, POM, PETG and wood filaments. The build size is 200x260mm.

The $2,000 model is 420x450x720mm and weighs 11kg. The minimum order is 50 units and the delivery lead time 60 days.

FDM, 265x200x420mm build volume

This FDM 3D printer from TPC Mechatronics Corp., Finebot Z420 (FB-Z420) model, has a full steel frame for enhanced durability. Its printing volume is 265x200x420mm using different kinds of filaments, including PLA, ABS, TPU and water-soluble materials. Simplify3D software is adopted.

The 200kg model is 995x995x1,500mm. Its price is $3,000. No minimum order is required. Delivery takes two weeks.

FDM, 30 to 100mm/s printing speed

Triple A Co. Ltd offers this $150 FDM/FFF 3D printer, Omnibot Play3 model, with 30 to 100mm/s printing and 30 to 200mm/s travel speeds. The unit can build up to 21.5x21.5x22.5cm objects in 20 or 40µm resolution.

The printer is designed for 1.75mm-diameter filaments and has a nozzle diameter of 0.4mm. Its frame is made of 2T steel. Machine dimensions are 380x450x470mm.

The maker requires an order of at least 15 units. Delivery lead time is 10 days.

Uses biomaterials

Vision Technology Korea has released this 3D printer, VIS-Bio model, which can handle biomaterials such as hydrogels, live cells and photocurable inputs. The maximum build size is based on buyers’ requirement.

The unit has bed coated for stability and measures 580x535x530mm. It comes with a 1-year warranty. The basic version is priced at $20,000, FOB Busan.

An order of one unit is accepted and delivered within six weeks after confirmation of specifications.

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