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Product enhancements, customization stressed in dot-matrix LCD module line

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Dot-matrix LCD module

Xiamen Arrow-Tech's ATM240128A-FS(W)-FBW model is available in yellow green, gray and has 240x128 dots with 0.45x0.45 dot pitch and 0.42x0.42 size.

Suppliers are improving display attributes and incorporating value additions. Some are developing intelligent units.

The robust consumer electronics, home appliances and automotive sectors continue to steer R&D and production of dot-matrix LCD modules in China. Makers emphasize product enhancements and customization capability to match various requirements.

Shenzhen Jinghua Displays Co. Ltd focuses on better displays, raising brightness and contrast ratio, shortening response time and widening viewing angles. It is also boosting the release of larger-screen models.

The supplier is moving upmarket, promoting models such as FFSTN and dot-matrix VBN. It has also branched out to high-end dot-matrix e-paper production.

Manufacturers are also integrating value-added features such as touch panels, membrane switches and USB ports.

Several key industry players are developing intelligent types. These include Ruili and Shenzhen Brilliant Crystal.

Fueling product development efforts is the forecast sustained growth in sales of about 10 percent YoY. There are companies that are even targeting to achieve 30 percent by year-end.

In anticipation of higher revenue, some enterprises are expanding production capacity. Many are already operating at more than 80 percent utilization.

Xiamen Ocular Optics Co. Ltd added two production lines comprising automatic machines. The last include binding, welding and assembly units.

To complement expansion, businesses are participating in trade exhibitions to reach more markets. Xiamen Ocular, for instance, attended the China Sourcing Fair in the US this year. Shenzhen Jinghua and Xiamen Arrow-Tech Electronic Co. Ltd will join several local and international shows, including those held in Hong Kong and Japan.

There are about 300 LCD module suppliers in China. More than 50 percent are locally owned operations and about 30 percent with foreign investment or joint ventures. Taiwan and Hong Kong companies make up the rest of the maker pool. These manufacturers are spread over the provinces in the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta regions, and North China.

COG, COB mainstay

Dot-matrix LCD module

The selection of dot-matrix LCD modules is categorized by display configuration and mode, dot resolution and bonding.

The common options based on the first are TN, HTN, STN, FSTN and FFSTN.
By display mode, there are character and graphic kinds, which adopt electric field effect for display.

In resolution, models with 122x32, 28x64, 192x64, 240x64, 240x128 and 320x240 dots are mainstream.

According to bonding, TAB, COG and COB units are the choices, with the last two dominating output. The last variant is still popular for its low cost and universal features.

COG units, on the other hand, are widely adopted in graphic displays because of smaller dimensions and reduced power consumption.

Although easier to design and produce, COG modules have stability and reliability issues.

For these distinctive attributes, both technologies will continue to coexist and cater to different applications.

As such, companies offer both COG and COB variants. Xiamen Ocular has a COG model, the GDC24064A-FSW-FBW, which has 240x64-dot resolution and 0.51x0.51mm dot size. Its COB-based GDM320240C-NSW-BBW-T model has 320x240 dots, with each dot measuring 0.33x0.33mm.

Dot-matrix LCD modules from China are RoHS-compliant, with a number carrying SGS or REACH approval.

Shenzhen Jinghua’s products comply with the Canon Green Procurement Standards covering environmental management activity.

PCBs, ITO glasses, polarizers, and driver and control ICs are the main materials and components in the manufacture of dot-matrix LCD modules. Suppliers source printed boards, including flexible kinds, and polarizers from local providers such as Shenzhen Tianma. High-end glasses come from Japan, and ICs from Toshiba, RAiO and Sitronix. For LCDs, makers turn to Chimei Innolux for better quality.

Although the cost of some imported inputs increased, the majority of makers are keeping prices at current levels in coming months to remain competitive.

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Product gallery

Dot-matrix LCD module

Shenzhen Brilliant Crystal Technologic Co. Ltd
Model: CJT07001
Description: a-Si TFT active matrix; LED backlight; 800x480 pixels; 350cd/sqm brightness; 500:1 contrast ratio; 70-degree left/right, 50/70-degree up/down viewing angles; 3.3, 5VDC input voltage; -20 to 70 C operating, -30 to 80 C storage temperatures; 20,000hr minimum life span; 178.3x108.8x10mm

Dot-matrix LCD module

Shenzhen Jinghua Displays Co. Ltd
Model: Black White VBN+TP
MOQ: 1,000 units
Delivery: 10 days
Description: >500:1 typical, 1,000:1 maximum contrast ratios; 30-degree horizontal, 25 to 35-degree vertical viewing angles; -30 to 85 C operating, -40 to 90 C storage temperatures; for automotive displays, home appliances, advertisement boards

Dot-matrix LCD module

Xiamen Arrow-Tech Electronic Co. Ltd
Model: ATM240128A-FS(W)-FBW
MOQ: 200 units
Delivery: 30 days
Description: STN, FSTN; blue, yellow green, gray; 240x128 dots; 0.45x0.45mm dot pitch, 0.42x0.42mm size; 113.5x64mm viewing area; 1/128 duty, 1/12 bias; T6963C controller; 144x104x12.9mm

Dot-matrix LCD module

Xiamen Ocular Optics Co. Ltd
Model: GDC24064A-FSW-FBW
MOQ: 500 units
Delivery: 28 days
Description: 240x64 dots; 0.51x0.51mm dot size; 130.3x36.7mm viewing area; 149.5x51.7x17mm; RoHS

Note: All price quotes in this report are in US dollars unless otherwise specified. FOB prices were provided by the companies interviewed only as reference prices at the time of interview and may have changed.

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