Startup uses RFID to make everything smart

Evrythng just raised another $24.8 million as it works towards a world with 1 trillion smart products.

March 29, 2017

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Evrythng just raised another $24.8 million as it works towards a world with 1 trillion smart products.

Evrythng’s platform allows other companies to add information to their
products through integration of RFID and similar technologies.
Source: Evrythng

Can everything be a smart device? One startup has been working on this concept since 2011 using technology like RFID, NFC and QR codes. Evrythng just closed its Series B funding, raising $24.8 million to help it keep fighting to make everything smart.

As the name suggests, Evrythng does mean everything. Its own promotional video proclaims, "Now any physical product can be more intelligent, more interactive, more trackable and more valuable by being connected to the Internet of Things." It also says that 1 trillion devices per year will have some kind of smart feature by 2020.

In some ways, the average consumer is already familiar with how products are getting smarter. RFID and NFC are already widely used to track products in supply chains and as they're shipped across the globe.

Evrythng is a platform that helps manage smart functionality. So more than just using RFID tags, the platform might be intended for smart home products many people are more familiar with, like smart light bulbs and smart locks.

The latest funding for Evrythng is good news for the IoT market. Gartner projects there will be 8.4 billion connected devices this year, a 31 percent increase from 2016. By 2020, that will reach 20.4 billion.

Evrythng quoted 1 trillion products, but the company is thinking very broadly, with almost any kind of product potentially containing some kind of RFID chip. Evrythng is now a big part of a world that's becoming smarter every day. Its platform even underpins chips from Thinfilm, which attended CES this year to show off how its technology can help people learn more about their beer.

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