Home sensors predict future, save lives

OneEvent Technologies uses big data gathered from several different sensors to determine if something catastrophic is about to happen.

April 07, 2017

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OneEvent Technologies uses big data gathered from several different sensors to determine if something catastrophic is about to happen.

A OnePrevent kit goes for $300, but there aren’t many options
for home security solutions promising to predict the future.
Image source: OneEvent Technologies

Home security has gotten so smart these days that it's easy to find solutions that notify users when something is amiss. Companies are deploying technologies like motion detection and facial recognition that keep people better informed about what's happening in their home. The next frontier in home security is predicting the future, which apparently is possible.

A new system called OnePrevent from OneEvent Technologies uses big data to gauge the likelihood of certain catastrophic events. The system uses sensors to measure "critical data points" that relate to things like motion, smoke, water, moisture, humidity, temperature and light. The company says its system has been able to predict fires up to 20 minutes in advance of smoke alarms going off.

This kind of predictive technology is possible through the use of a $300 kit of environmental sensors. It also requires a monthly $25 subscription. This means OnePrevent is clearly not the most economical solution for home security, but it offers a service that few, if any, competitors can provide.

While this kind of technology isn't available to everyone yet, OneEvent Technologies has shown how sensors are being used in new and unique ways. Sensors are playing a larger role in people's lives, and that role doesn't stop with smartphones and wearables. Once they become so embedded into users' lives that they change life-threatening exposure to risk, sensors are bound to proliferate in home security.

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