Gallery View: AR/VR devices bring better immersion

Innovations deliver higher resolutions and more accurate effects to improve users’ movie watching, gaming and sports experience.

January 19, 2018

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Innovations deliver higher resolutions and more accurate effects to improve users’ movie watching, gaming and sports experience.

The latest AR and VR devices take user immersion to a higher level. Innovations, ranging from personal theatre to gaming products, can show images and videos more vividly and simulate things more accurately.

AR and VR headsets and glasses mimic the view from big cinema screens, touting HD, 3K, 4K and dual displays in rich colors. There are also AR glasses capable of adding real-time data on the screen without blocking the user’s view of his or her real surroundings. Many of these are designed for sports and recreational activities. For gaming, releases with gesture control have emerged, letting players move more freely in the virtual world. Others resemble game weapons such as bows and guns and are also easy to use.

As regards simulation equipment, a number of releases are now featuring a wide range of movements and effects. Products can let the users experience different amusement park rides, earthquakes and car rides.

In AR and VR cameras and accessories, ease-of-use also gets a boost. Cameras stitch 360-degree high-resolution videos, enhance images and upload to social media on their own. Gimbal sticks transform into tripods and are more compact.

Below is a gallery of recently released AR and VR products from Asia suppliers

AR glasses for athletes, riders

Beijing Xloong Science and Technology Co. Ltd’s Techlens T1 model suits athletes and riders. The AR glasses work as a sports data display, HD video camera, real-time voice-enabled navigator and Bluetooth phone. It supports noise reduction, Near-To-Eye display of speed, cadence, mileage and heart rate, ANT+ and multidevice connectivity. The glasses’ 1.3MP camera has an OV sensor, 5P lens and 82.8-degree FOV. On standby, power lasts more than 300 hours. The 8-bend curved eyewear can switch lenses and match frames of myopia spectacles.

Gesture-sensing AR glasses

The Techlens T2 model, split-design gesture-sensing AR glasses from Beijing Xloong Science and Technology Co. Ltd, comes with a controller that can be handheld or hung on the arm or waist. The eyewear adopts a dual OLED and 35-degree FOV see-through display, Snapdragon quadcore processor, 8MP camera, 3,700mAh battery and Android OS with open API. It has 16GB storage and 2GB RAM. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS are supported.

AR/VR camera gimbal stick

The Pica-Pod/PG001 model from Design Icon Ltd is a versatile gimbal stick for AR and VR cameras. It has a three-rail attachment system and foam grip. The product folds and unfolds to become a mini or full-size tripod. It can also be used to hold mobile devices and light or heavy accessories.

Foldable AR bow

Dongguan Rongheng Electronic Technology Co. Ltd’s model AR-01 foldable AR bow can be used for archery and other AR 3D games. With Bluetooth 4.0, it connects to 4.7 to 6in Android and iOS mobile phones. The product requires two AAA batteries for power.

Dual-screen all-in-one VR headset

Emdoor Digital Technology Co. Ltd offers an all-in-one Android 7.1 VR headset, the EM-A835 model. It features a 2.89in 3K 1440x1440p dual screen. FOV is 96 degrees while refresh rate is 90Hz. A 9-axis gyroscope, Qualcomm 835 processor and camera are built in. DDR and Flash memory are 3 or 4GB and 32 or 64GB, respectively.

Personal movie theater, gaming arena

The Viewer is a modular AR glasses from Guangdong Virtual Reality Technology Co. Ltd. It serves as a personal movie theater, gaming arena and workspace. The headset shows images in rich colors, giving users a view similar to that when they are sitting 2m away from a 50in TV. It weighs only 200g.

Immersive VR simulation equipment, seats

Guangzhou Zhuoyuan Virtual Reality Tech Co. Ltd’s Eagle flight VR model simulates flying, skydiving, skiing, rafting and other extreme sports. It lets users interact with games via a joystick. The Vibrating VR Simulator model, meanwhile,can mimic earthquake, car and roller coaster motion, and other amusement park games.Users stand on it while wearing VR glasses. The supplier also offers two 9D VR seats that can move and be controlled separately. When the camera goes forward or backward, their platform rotates clockwise or counterclockwise, enhancing immersion in games. Air wind, leg sweep, and smoke features and effects are supported.

360-degree video, in-camera stitching

The Wunder360 C1 model from Shenzhen Evomotion Co. Ltd is a standalone 360-degree VR camera that supports real-time in-camera stitching of 3K and full-HD videos at 60fps, and 4K images. It can stream live videos over 2.4 or 5G Wi-Fi or offline, and shoot to share fast. Camera status is shown on its LCD. The device has a built-in 9-axis IMU stabilizer. It comes with a free mobile app, can upload to Facebook, YouTube, WeChat, Weibo and QQ, and allow editing, enhancing and adding of filters, sound effects and logos on images.

Water-resistant case

Shenzhen Evomotion Co. Ltd also offers the model Wunder360 S1 camera that can submerged up to 30m or 32.8ft thanks to its water-resistant case. The unit live streams 360-degree video and does 3K, full-HD and 4K video and photo in-camera stitching. Like the C1 version, it has a 9-axis IMU stabilizer, and fast shoot-to-share, easy social media upload and image-enhancing features. The 360-degree camera also works with an app for smartphones.

All-in-one 3D VR headset for PC

The 3D Glasses model from Shenzhen Realcolor Technology Co. Ltd is an all-in-one 3D VR headset that is compatible with PCs. It has a 5in TFT IPS screen, an up to 1.8 GHz quadcore ARM Cortex-A17 CPU, and high-transparency optic resin PMMA lens. The device runs on 4,000mAh Li-polymer batteries.

AR toy gun pairs with mobile phone

The AR Toy Gun model offered by Shenzhen Realcolor Technology Co. Ltd works with an app. It connects via Bluetooth 4.0 and up to Android and iOS mobile phones and gamepads. The 311x162x46mm AR gun is made of ABS.

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