Smart saucer lamp casts light in any direction, angle

A Danish company has put its own spin on the smart light concept with colorful results.

March 08, 2017

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A Danish company has put its own spin on the smart light concept with colorful results.

The Orb is a saucerlike lamp that hangs from a ceiling and can shine different
colored lights in any direction. Image Source: Shade, Indiegogo

Smart lights are new enough that most people wouldn't think the product needs to be reinvented. That hasn't stopped a Danish company called Shade from suggesting that it's created the next evolution of the smart light with its Orb light. The Orb is being crowdfunded on Indiegogo and it has already blown past its $50,000 goal to about three times that amount. The features of the Orb resemble those found in many smart lights, but the creative design makes it easy to see why so many people find the product appealing.

The Orb is shaped like a saucer and dangles from the ceiling. It has five different colored LEDs and the spherical design allows it to shine light in different directions and angles, giving users more control over exactly the kind of lighting atmosphere they want. It also has a maximum brightness of 1,900 lumens. An accompanying, adjustable lampshade gives the Orb even more options to achieve the perfect lighting.

These design features work well with more traditional smart light features like preset lighting environments. When a user sets up the perfect lighting for dinner or night-time reading, that lighting can be saved in the Shade app. This makes that perfect reading lighting one tap away the next time the user sits down with a book.

Like other smart lights, the Orb can also turn on a certain lighting setting at a specified time. Those 1,900 lumens might come in handy for a morning setting designed to get a user out of bed.

At $189 for a single light, the Orb is not a must-have product for a smart home. Many people might be satisfied with more basic Wi-Fi or ZigBee LED bulbs. However, the unique design is undoubtedly attractive and it wouldn't be surprising if it caught on among other companies and became less expensive in the future.

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