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Welcome to our VIP buyer community!

More than the sourcing opportunities, we want to give you the star treatment you deserve through our VIP Buyer Program. From customized services to exclusive rewards and special privileges, get ready to enjoy all these benefits and more as our valued VIP buyer. Nothing but the best for you!


Year-round complimentary business matching service

Despite the cancellation of our October trade shows, we at Global Sources will continue to support and provide our VIP buyers a worry-free sourcing experience through our exclusive complimentary business matching. This service is a one-stop online sourcing platform that connects VIP buyers with the right suppliers that match their product needs.

If you are interested in our VIP Buyer Matching service or wish to get more information, please feel free to contact or email us at

Buyer Testimonials

  • I find the VIP buyer service very nice. The service provided is wonderful. We get a lot of support from your team for any needs we may have. So I make great use of it and I’m very thankful to you guys for making this service available.

    Ricardo Singer, USA

  • Definitely you get treated well by the VIP Buyer program. This is a great service. I’m really pleased with it.

    George Stepancich, USA

  • The introductory tour was perfect. It was a really quick but good way to get familiar with the layout, familiar with what halls are really key for our business. Basically, I’ve been very happy with everything.

    Sacha Barry, Australia

  • It’s surprising. It’s much better than what I have expected.

    Moon Chieng Loke, Malaysia

Welcome to our VIP buyer community!

Go on a life-changing sourcing experience. As a VIP, you’ll enjoy these exclusive privileges and perks:

  • Express Check-in

  • Access to VIP Buyers’ Lounge

  • Supplier Matching Services

  • VIP Guided Tours

  • Free Transport to the Venue

  • Complimentary Daliy Power Breakfast

  • Free Cloakroom Service

  • Complimentary Drinks at the Show

As a Sourcing Club member, you have access to Global Sources Online services, RFQs (requests for quotation) per day, be able to order samples, and be able to earn Asia Miles through the program.

Watch the video on how to unlock rewards and redeem points for each level through online actions including:
Simply logging in to
Chatting online with suppliers
Sending an RFI (request for information)
Sending an RFQ
Subscribing to a Product Alert

For more information on our sourcing clubs, please visit The Sourcing Club.

The Sourcing Club Rewards program allows you to earn points and enjoy rewards as you source. Every sourcing action with Global Sources is worth points. The more points you accumulate, the bigger rewards you can redeem! Learn more

Events & Exhibitions

Get special invites to private sourcing events and seminars, not to mention special access to our shows in April and October.

For more information on our trade shows, please visit: Global Sources Exhibitions

Year-Round Support

We go above and beyond to deliver the best sourcing experience – providing year-round support through our customized services.

Business Matching

Eliminate the time-consuming work of screening suppliers and arranging business meetings yourself through MATCH. It’s a customized online business matching service that connects you to verified suppliers that fit your sourcing requirements with ease.

Regular Matching (All-year Round)
Based on buyer's sourcing requirements, our team will provide a list of recommended suppliers, including their information. Buyers can select from the list and directly contact the suppliers themselves.
Pre-arranged Matching (All-year Round)
Our team will arrange one-on-one, face-to-face, and private meetings between buyers and shortlisted suppliers – eliminating the need for both parties to set schedule themselves.
Online Business Matching (All-year Round)
Buyer-suppliers meetings are facilitated online, so it's convenient, fast and time-saving.
On-site Business Matching & Private Group Meetings
Buyers will have the chance to meet face-to-face with a group of shortlisted suppliers in a private room, network and conduct business during the show.


We hold a series of expert-led webinars that offer crucial market insights, key industry trends, and sourcing tips to move your business forward especially in this time of the pandemic.


Maintain your competitive edge – get all the sourcing materials you need to grow your business and stay on top of industry trends.

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Premier Buyer New Product Preview

Exclusive service designed for our top VIP Buyers

Different from the standard Match service, this program focuses on our high-level suppliers who have exceptional research and development capabilities for creating new products. It provides a unique service to our Premier buyers, allowing them to preview the new products virtually.

For more information on how to join the program, please contact our VIP Buyer's team at:

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Be part of our growing community of VIP buyers and enjoy the same exclusive services and perks they do.

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Be part of our growing community of VIP buyers and enjoy the same exclusive services and perks they do.

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