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Hong Kong

Tomorrow's electronics,
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Hong Kong largest
fashion sourcing show!
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Global Sources Electronics, Indonesia

Jakarta Convention Centre, Indonesia
The world's largest electronics trade fair comes to Indonesia in March 2021. Experience world-class sourcing convenience for consumer electronics, mobile electronics and electronic components - right at your doorstep in Jakarta!

300+ suppliers, across 7,500 sqm of show floor

Showcasing the latest products, bringing the forefront of electronics innovation to the Indonesian market.

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Shenzhen International Industrial Manufacturing Technology Exhibition

The Shenzhen International Industrial Manufacturing Technology Exhibition (SIMM) is China's largest and most influential machinery show, and is where the world's smartest equipment and tools buyers go to find new suppliers and the market's most innovative solutions.

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May 31-June 30, 2021

Trade Shows


May 31-June 30, 2021
Computex Taipei 2018
Taipei, Taiwan